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The Mt. Moon Escape RP

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The world was beginning to open up to two aspiring young trainers. The journey started when they got their starter Pokemon in Unova, but the two siblings hadn't known it started then and it was going to get progressively more dangerous. They thought their adventure started when they reached Pallet Town, as they met up with the man who gifted them the special starter Pokemon. Professor Oak had also given them Pokedexes and the brother and sister set off towards Pewter City. They found some trouble along the way, but their Pokemon team was beginning to shape up. They helped their Pokemon evolve particularly early in the adventure, they have the Boulder Badge, and everything was starting to get relatively simple. It was then they discovered they had to go through a mountain to get to Route 4 and on to Cerulean City. While the task was simple, many of their Pokemon weren't all that keen on entering a dark cavern that may have low ceilings and a maze to traverse through, let alone it being filled with temperamental and hungry Pokemon. Still, they steeled their spirits and walked up to the mouth of the mountain. It was beckoning for them to enter. To get lost in its three floors. A young girl, the older sister to the brother, named Natalia, had her Charmander by her side, her Beedrill hovering above her, and her Spearow on her other side. Her brother, named Xavier (usually called Xav (pronounced: Zave)), had his Squirtle and Pidgey by his side, his Pikachu on his head, and his Butterfree hovering above him.


They had no idea what was going to happen to them.


They saw a sign next to the maw of the cavern. It said: "INCREASED SIGHTING OF ONIX. CAUTION IS ADVISED."


Xav was now getting worried, and so were his Pokemon. He was the softer one of the group, with Natalia being the more brave and hard one of the duo. Although, her brash nature tended to get them into trouble. She didn't let that sign stop her and she kept walking. Her Charmander was right by her side, but her Beedrill and Spearow faltered.


"I don't like the look of that sign. Maybe we should stay out here for a few days. Let it clear up. Who knows what damage the Onix can do to the passages in the tunnel. I mean, we just fought one, you think we can fight more of them?" Of course, he was always the more emotionally rational of the duo, which did work in their favor at times. However, Natalia wasn't going to let her little brother drag her into sitting this one out. It was time they had an adventure, even if she did underestimate the dangers.


"Ah, no way. That's not fun. Besides we have Pokemon who are really strong, stronger than most when they get through here. We'll be fine. Plus, we have rations and our items. Come on, please?" She begged to take them into the maw, and Xav sighed and looked over at the Pokemon Center next to the entrance.


"I don't know, the center looks way more appealing with its sliding doors and a little slice of civilization since we left Pewter City. You sure we'll be fine if we go in there?"


"I'm sure of it. Come on," she made a big 'come along' gesture with her arm as her and her three Pokemon entered, yet her Spearow and Beedrill looked back at Xav, as if expecting him to follow them in because they weren't about to pay for their trainer's ignorance. Xav sighed and mustered up the courage to walk in. His Pikachu looked in awe at everything while his Pidgey and Butterfree returned themselves. His Squirtle looked a bit scared as she clung on to Xav's leg. Natalia's Spearow and Beedrill returned to their PokeBalls as well, which Natalia rolled her eyes at. That's fine, more adventuring for her and her best buddy of a Charmander.


"Hey, how about Pika gives us some light," Natalia suggested.


"Yea, that's a good idea. Pika, Flash," Xav commanded.


A bright glow emanated from the Pikachu as his cheeks sparked with electricity. Now, everything was easier to see, and they could see many Zubat screech and fly away from the light shining on them. Side-by-side, they walked in, unaware of the dangers imposed on them in the near future.


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The entrance to Mt. Moon yawned before him. CJ studied it, wondering whether or not he should actually travel through or find another way to the other side. Shinx made a faint sound near his knee and he glanced at her. She flicked her tail and smiled. "Shinx!" she purred. 


Rubbing the back of his head, CJ nodded once. "Alright then. Forward. Wouldn't hurt to meet other trainers inside. Who knows? Maybe we'll come across something good, even." Shinx darted ahead of him, entering the dark cave with CJ only a few strides behind. It'd been some time since he was last in a cave, and he wondered if much of the same Pokémon could be found here as in the previous one. Shinx's abilities, he remembered, wasn't going to be very effective against all of the Ground types likely to show up--but that's where Bulbasaur and Slowpoke would be helpful. 


His footsteps echoed faintly against the stony floor, drips of moisture plinking in the distance. Inside was a stark contrast to the warm sun outside. "Stay close, Shinx." It was difficult to see, but not wholly impossible. At least, for him. He knew Shinx had an easier time seeing in the dark and, if she was positioned correctly, she could help him navigate in the cave. 


The dark, however, wasn't going to be much of an issue. A brilliant flash erupted from behind and CJ twisted, shielding his eyes against it. An angry flurry of Zubat cried out above him, wind from their wingbeats buffeting his hair. After a moment to adjust, he blinked his eyes rapidly and made out a pair of silhouettes. "Oh, hey. That's really useful," he said to them. Studying the duo, he took note of the young girl and younger boy. Between the two of them, there was a Charmander, Squirtle, and a Pikachu. Each of them seemed to be in various stages of soon-to-occur evolutions. It made CJ glance down at Shinx, comparing her rather ordinary appearance to the bizarreness of the other three. He hadn't realized Pokémon could do that.


"So, uh... I'm Cody, but you can call me CJ. Mind if Shinx and I tag along with you? I don't have a Pokémon that knows a move like Flash." He rubbed at the back of his head again, a faint smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

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The Zubats from the sudden flash of light flew right over the duo's heads, with the 14-year-old girl scowling at them and her Charmander copying her scowl. As the light was emitted, they soon found a boy in front of them, who had a Shinx by his side. Natalia was soon on guard, as Xav looked a little unsure. Though, that was a fleeting look. 


The young girl looked Cody up and down, almost sizing him up. After scanning him, she came to the conclusion that he was not exactly a threat to her, so she nodded. Her eyes, before when they conveyed a wary scrutiny, now conveyed an easygoing happiness. She seemed to be protective, especially when her younger brother looked at the boy unsuredly. Of course, the young boy with the Pikachu on his head looked at CJ with joy, as they weren't the only ones in here.


Before Natalia could speak, she was cut off immediately, her breath hung in her lungs as she glared over at Xav. "Hi, I'm Xavier, but you can call me Xav. This is Natalia, my older sister. You can call her Nat-"


"Please, don't call me Nat. I'm not a big fan of it. But anyway," she glared at her brother for interrupting her, but she was met with a scowl from his Pikachu. She sighed and looked back at Cody, reserving a little smile for him and his Shinx.


"I read in a book somewhere that the Pokemon you have is from Sinnoh. Is it a Shinx?" Her eyes lit up as she looked at the adorable blue feline. Xav was unsure what a Shinx was.


"Shinx? Never heard of one."


"I believe they are Electric-Type. Right?" She looked at Cody with a look that said she needed approval to see if she was right. Her body tensed up like how a student tenses up when they are waiting for the teacher to congratulate them or correct them for an answer. "Anyway, that's a Shinx. I bet you have some really cool Pokemon. You come from Sinnoh?"


As Natalia was making small-talk, her Charmander and Xav's Squirtle and Pikachu walked towards Shinx in a friendly manner. It was very apparent that Charmander was the more assertive one of the group, with the Charmander coming up first and aggressively waving her clawed hand at the feline. Squirtle was the last to detach herself from Xav's leg and walked over, clearly not wanting to get shocked on accident. Pikachu was a little bit more adventurous than the fluffy, shy Squirtle, but he was also a little more wary than the Charmander. Still though, he smiled with the same joy that lit up Xav's face a moment ago.


Natalia, having forgot to introduce her Pokemon, chuckled nervously as she got to it. "Oh, by the way, my Charmander is Zarda, Xav's Squirtle is Torta, and his Pikachu is Pika. We have more Pokemon, but they prefer not to be out. It's too cramped in here for them." She looked around at the cave walls and it felt like the looming darkness was swallowing her up, even with the light keeping the shadows at bay. Though, she tried her best not to let it show that she was scared, she was starting to feel more and more unsure about this. But she wasn't going to shy away from adventure, especially after meeting CJ.


Xav walked up to CJ and began talking about their life, a little too excitedly. "We are from Unova and Torta and Zarda have been with us for 2 years already!"


"Hush, brother. Don't be so loud. Pokemon here can be sleeping."


"Oh, right, sorry." Xav scratched his head before continuing. "Anyway, we'll gladly have you come with us. The more, the merrier. Besides, I'm not too keen on traveling any further anyway, and I would like more company."


Natalia also walked up to Xav and CJ and peered ahead into the darkness. She could see Geodude walking around on their hands and found it odd. Although, she did battle Brock's Geodude earlier, the little exposure she experienced wasn't enough to make her perspective view it as the norm. However, Natalia knew that this perspective is going to change after her travel through Mt. Moon.

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Xavier and Natalia. Those were their names. CJ nodded slightly, acknowledging their preferences before shifting his gaze to Natalie. Heavily curious in Shinx, Natalie spouted off as much knowledge as she seemed to possess. "Yeah, that's right! Shinx and I come from Sinnoh, though Shinx hatched here in Kanto." He glanced down at his blue-furred companion and she smiled up at the kids, tail waving lazily.  In the corner of his eye, he noticed the Charmander drawing closer, focused on Shinx. 


Behind it, the Squirtle and Pikachu eventually followed suit in various levels of comfort. "Ah, hello there," CJ greeted. Zarda, Torta, and Pika. A lot of names to remember but he figured he could keep them all sorted out. Shinx appeared relaxed about the new Pokémons' interactions, making a soft and pleasant sound. 


"We're from Unova.


Looking back up at Xav, CJ watched the brief exchange between the siblings and chuckled. "Cool. Never been to Unova but my mom and I had considered moving there before deciding that Kanto was best for us." He stuffed one hand into his pants pocket and used the other to unclip a Poké Ball from his belt. Clicking the button, he idly pointed the now-larger sphere at Shinx. "Great!" he said at the others' approval of his company. "Shinx, come on back. It's probably safer." She mewed as a familiar red light engulfed her small form, drawing her into the capsule. The Poké Ball shrank again, allowing CJ to reattach it to his belt. "Have you guys traveled through Mt. Moon before?" he asked, taking a few steps forward to indicate his readiness to progress.

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As CJ gave assurance that Natalia was correct, she smiled happily and seemed to really warm up to the boy. She took note of Shinx having recently hatched, so Shinx must have not fought Brock. Did the boy have any other Pokemon? He must have if the Shinx was an Electric-Type. Brock was fairly difficult, especially if one just had an Electric-Type. Still, Natalia watched as her and Xav's Pokemon made their way to CJ and Shinx and greeted them.


As CJ talked about Unova, Xav and Natalia walked along beside him, with Xav being in the middle and Natalia on the other side of Xav. They seemed to be rather warming up to the boy, especially when he began talking about Unova and how he had never gone. Pika and Zarda watched the red light swallow up Shinx and disappear. Even Torta was thinking that maybe being in her PokeBall was a good idea.


"Well, we'd like to give a tour of Unova once our adventure in Kanto is over," offered Natalia. Xav chuckled and thought that Natalia's quick offer for a friend was a little amusing. The chuckle earned a deadpan look from her, but Xav didn't exactly care. He was just glad they were getting a friend. Xav's Squirtle returned herself in her PokeBall, so now there was only Zarda and Pika, who was still emanating quite a bit of light to show the way forward. At the mention of being here before, Xav and Natalia shook their heads.


"Nope," Xav quickly answered.


"We heard there are three floors, but that's it. And apparently, Onix are more common in here. Which is strange because this guide doesn't say-" Natalia was quickly interrupted by Xav, who gave her a bit of sass.


"Maybe because that book is outdated."


Natalia paused for a moment and, instead of berating her brother with a look or a word for interrupting her, she nodded in acknowledgment and said "huh, yea, maybe."


Then she continued on about what could be here. "Well, the guide did say there were Geodude, Zubat, Paras, and Clefairy. Not sure about the Onix or any other Pokemon that may live here. I'm hoping I find a cool Pokemon. Like a Dark-Type."


"Edgy..." Whispered Xav, who immediately got a frown and a glare and he giggled quite loudly, scaring off a few Geodude and some distant Clefairy. "Anyway, did you beat Brock? There was a funny gatekeeper who was keeping us from Route 3, but maybe it was because we were fairly young and they were making sure we wouldn't get hurt until we proved ourselves capable." Xav quickly shifted his attention back to CJ.


Natalia then noted how docile the Pokemon near the entrance were. Normally, they'd be aggressive and attack, but not this time. Finding this odd, she let it be known to the others, as it was starting to spook her. "Why are they all chilling like that? They should be attacking us, but either they are afraid of the light or something else... Is it the increased presence of the Onix that have made them so skittish and less inclined to attack?"


Xav just shrugged, but it did seem plausible. "I don't know, but seeing them unnaturally like this is kind of creepy."

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[[A thought just occurred to me (and I kind of just noticed), removing the "Ask to Join" from the title might be helpful. It'll help present the idea that this RP isn't an invite-only/private thread (which is technically not permitted in the Other/DC section).]]


CJ nodded. "Okay, then! I'll hold you to it." A smile flitted across his features. "Maybe, in return, I can show you guys Sinnoh if you've never been?" Listening to the pair talk about Mt. Moon and an outdated guide, CI almost missed Xav's question. "Brock? Yeah, I challenged him." He shifted his bag, digging through one of the pockets and pulling out a rectangular case to pop it open. "Got the badge, too," he said, grinning. Closing it, he stuffed it back and let his bag fall into its original position. "Little bit of a challenge, but my Bulbasaur and Slowpoke were able to finish off his team." 


Following the siblings' gazes, he frowned. "Are you sure? I thought you two haven't been to Mt. Moon before?" CJ rubbed the back of his head. "Wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out on them, though. I mean, not every wild Pokémon is going to pop out at a trainer but some try for an ambush instead of a head-on charge." At least, that had been his experience on a few different routes. "Though, Mt. Moon seems to be a commonly used route, so maybe they're just used to humans being around? I don't imagine many trainers going out of their way to attack all of the creatures here." He was rambling, a hand lightly holding his chin as he studied the ground in thought. 


His listened to their footsteps, soft taps that wanted to echo through the rocky earth.  After a few moments, he stopped walking and looked up from the ground, glancing around at the cave that surrounded them. "Well... There's really no great way of knowing what's up with the wild Pokémon. However--" He reached for Shinx's Poké Ball again, bringing her back out. She mewed and shook out her fur, tilting her head and swaying her tail quizzically at him a second after. CJ crouched down and rubbed the sides of her face, causing her to purr. "Hey, sorry. I need your senses," he murmured. Standing back up, he turned his gaze to Natalia and Xav. "Shinx have the ability to sense threats. She can let us know if something's up or about to happen. If her fur starts to spark, it's a warning."


[[I also apologize for taking more time writing for CJ :'D It's been a long time since I last had a teenaged/young character, so my brain is just "is this something a kid would do?"]]

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Natalia and Xavier made a wide grin as CJ made it obvious he'll keep to the duo's promise and the said duo listened excitedly as CJ offered to take them to Sinnoh once their adventure was said and done. They were also excited to see CJ had beaten Brock, as evident by the Boulder Badge he had shown off. Natalia was just about to ask the young boy about his Bulbasaur and Slowpoke before Xavier cut her off to answer CJ's questions, earning yet another glare.


"No, we haven't been here before. But every time we go on a route, Pokemon attack us by either charging or ambushing us. Especially in Viridian Forest with all those bugs. I heard from our parents that Mt. Moon is filled with highly aggressive Pokemon, regardless of the people who travel in and out of it."


Natalia waited for Xav to get done talking and added a few things to that answer, as well, completely forgetting about her initial curiosity about CJ's other Pokemon. "Yea. I am currently training to become a professor in Pokemon behavior. This is a little uncommon. It isn't rare, but there should be at least some resistance. Maybe it's the calm before the storm?"


Xav looked at Natalia with a deadpan look. "And I thought it was a lot safer to stay in the Pokemon Center to avoid all the Onix. If the Pokemon are a little skittish now, then I don't want to know what full-on panic looks like, much less be the target of their attacks due to their fear."


The young girl shared the look Xav gave her and threw it back at him. "Oh, be quiet. We'll be fine, just as long as we know what we are doing. I know you are scared and I'm getting a bit nervous too, but I'm fairly certain we can get through this. Right?" She looked to CJ with an approving look, hoping that her brother's fear and her own nervousness were unfounded.


As CJ sent out his Shinx again and explained her usefulness, Xav and Natalia wave at the sudden arrival and Natalia can be seen gawking at the cool ability the Shinx had before she immediately shut her mouth. She heard something. So did Pika. They both looked further into the cave, with Zarda and Xav looking into the darkness curiously.


Sudden screeching could be heard further into the cave. A flock of Zubat can be barely visible as a huge ball of them formed in the air. Natalia and Xavier squint ahead, only to see a blur of blue and purple head towards them. Knowing that Zubat can just see through the readying Smokescreen that Zarda was about to create, Natalia grabbed her Flame Pokemon's mouth shut to prevent provoking them more and dove out of the way, crashing into the ground with her Pokemon doing the same. They then crawled towards the wall and hugged each other, making sure the Zubat didn't come near them.


Of course, the Zubats were leaving into the daylight. Xav, who found that the wave of Zubat were only right above them and wondered what Natalia was actually worried about, thought this odd. "Why are they leaving?" He said among the loud screeching noises of the Zubats. Some of them had used Supersonic, causing Xav's Pika to fall off of his shoulder. He turned around and grabbed the Pikachu just in time before he fell too far and looked at CJ with a concerned look. "Why are they scared?"

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