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Hello! I'm Moonie,

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Hello! My name (short) is Moonie, I took a break with DC roughly 2 years ago. But now I'm back and ready to hatch some dragons!

I have an account to Chicken Smoothie (CS) here.

I do art, and some writing. I'm a Sagittarius, Pansexual, and is born in December, so that means my birth stone is blue topaz.

I love astronomy and punk folk music. I'm a Canadian, can speak English (Canadian/British) and some Canadien French. Bonjour, Je m'appelle Moonie

I like cats and dragons, and I'm working on a passion project at the moment. I'm always free to talk, via through here or a different forum!


Thank you! Merci!


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Hello and welcome! We've got an older Chicken Smoothie thread you might enjoy. The French you used is about the limit of my French knowledge. XD What is your project, if you want to share?

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My Project is either a animated series and or comic/book. It's about an agency who take cares of Demons. In this world Hell is having a crisis where demons are going to earth, possessing people, and killing certain people for purity (currency, power, status). This agency is tracking demons, capturing them, and send them back to the afterlife. It's still in concept and is gonna be awhile before it comes out, but that a brief summery of it.

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