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Hello! <3

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Hello, Beautiful!~

I joined DragonCave when I was really young and just recently got back into it due to all this free time I have now! :D

I'm really having a ton of fun on it, and I'm excited to keep raising dragons! :D ❤️

(I go by Olive online! <3)


A lil' bit about me!

- I'm an artist at heart! My medium is traditional art, and recently I've been really into watercolor! ❤️

- I'm in love with minecraft 😆

- I want to write a novel when I get older! 

- I'm an INFP, and I love everyone! ❤️


This is the first forum I've ever been on, so apologizes if I don't know what I'm doing! XD


Have a great day friend!~

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Hello and welcome! I love drawing, I tried to get into digital creation, but a Wacom tablet never appealed to me. I still love hand-drawn animation as a medium. :wub: 

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