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Hi! I’ve played Dragon Cave off an on for years now (although I’ve almost never gotten involved in the forums), but I never really got into adoptable sites in general - I’m more into other kinds of pet sites. So I was wondering if folks could answer some questions for me!


1. What adoptable sites to do you play on? 
2. Why do you like adoptables sites? What makes them fun?

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1. I play Dragon Cave mainly, but I'm also on Tales of Ostlea, and sometimes Magistream

2. I really love mythical creatures in general, and there's a sort of satisfaction in watching a number go up (clicks, # of creatures). The art on these sites tends to be really pretty and there's a decent chunk of lore to go along with them. Also I love how most of these sites still have this early internet feel to them- you see it in signatures, the pixel art, how the sites have updated but have still kept the same vibe. 

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