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Coming back on a nostalgia trip

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Hello ^^ I used to raise dragons on this site a looooong time ago, although I was never active on the forum itself. Recently I've found myself on a pet site binge, and while I'm not exactly sure why I figure I might as well go with it and collect some pretty pixel dragons. 


I used to have a game account, I think it was named Wolfcub, but I've had no luck logging into it, I'm not sure if old inactive accounts are deleted or what. If they are, that's fine, but if there's any way my old account could be revived I'd happily switch over it. 

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Hello and welcome! Accounts are only deleted when a player is banned, so your scroll should still be available. Are you sure that's the name of it? You can also try to reset the password through the Forgot Password flow if you still use the email associated with your old account. 

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Thank you for the welcome, and the approval so I can see the rest of the forum xD


I did try to reset it first, I was almost certain it was attached to same email that I used for this account because I've had it for so long. But maybe I had another email as a kid that's just been lost to the sands of time Dx Oh well, either way it's fun to be collecting dragons again.


Edit: Actuallyyyy, I think I found my old email stored in my profile info on another site, and it worked for Forget Password, but it looks like the email service itself doesn't recognize the old account anymore, so my old DC username might be lost with it. I don't know if there's any way for staff to match emails with usernames or reset passwords manually, but that may be more trouble than it's worth.

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