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The Mt. Moon Escape OOC

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Many aspiring Pokemon trainers from far and wide come to Kanto to go through the gauntlet of rough terrain and gym battles to see how well they'll best the region's top five powerful trainers. However, something goes wrong and the entrance you walked through to travel through Mt. Moon is blocked after an earthquake. There is no cell service, the three floors are littered with wild Pokemon, and there may be no way out. What will your trainers do? How will they survive the trek through the mountain to get to Route 4, which usually takes three days under better circumstances? Did they come prepared or did they think it was going to be a walk in the park and were then punished for their own carelessness? Who will find the way out?




For more details, if it weren't already obvious, this is in the Pokemon universe and your characters will arrive at Mt. Moon. Whether they have bested Brock and are now moving on or are just going through Kanto for the fun of it, it doesn't matter. Once people get into position, I will initiate the rocks collapsing and blocking the entrance. Anybody who wants to join in afterwards will have to enter Mt. Moon a different way (be creative) and get stuck in the mountain and find our group to then find the way out. This takes place during the events of Sword and Shield, so Team Rocket is no longer an issue. You can have a child whose parents or grandparents are from Team Rocket or some other crime syndicate, though.


For those of you who need some timeline guidance and as to why Team Rocket is no longer an issue, here is an explanation: During the events of FireRed and LeafGreen, the protagonist goes around the mainland and defeats Team Rocket's base of operations in Kanto. You may go to the Sevii Islands as part of a sidequest halfway through your journey or you may get the eighth gym badge before you go. Regardless, Team Rocket on the mainland is either almost defeated or is completely disbanded. Due to the crime syndicate's comms being rendered useless, the secondary base of operations on one of the islands didn't know that Team Rocket on the mainland is either close to disbandment or have disbanded. They stubbornly clung on to the idea that Team Rocket shall survive and control all of Kanto. They were defeated. Two years later, the events of HeartGold and SoulSilver happen. Someone wanted to continue the vision Giovanni had before he disbanded the first iteration of Team Rocket and this someone helped to bring back the crime syndicate. However, they easily were defeated and Giovanni disbanded the team completely. Years later, the events of Sword and Shield are happening.


The layout of Mt. Moon hasn't changed much since the Pokemon's migration during the events of HeartGold and SoulSilver. Many of the same Pokemon at that time and before still live in the mountain. It still has three floors (two under the ground and a surface floor). There is a tunnel that leads from the entrance on Route 3 to the exit on Route 4, but it will be covered by rock due to a rockfall.




  1. You may play up to two characters max and I'm having the max amount of roleplayers be three. I don't want the group to get too big and we may not even get to this number either, judging by how barren the RP forums are.
  2. As always, follow Dragon Cave rules.
    1. I don't mind occasional swearing, but keep it at a minimum and make it reasonable.
    2. Keep romance to a kiss, holding hands, and hugs.
    3. At least try to keep it past tense and third person. This ruling is to keep the posts looking smooth and to keep the separation between player and character apparent so no feelings get hurt when someone's character gets in an argument. Of course, I am a little lax on this ruling, as this don't really hold this much importance on this site.
  3. I would like for there to be mostly young trainers, around the ages 11-14. By this time, they would be at least okay with camping out in the middle of a route and be equipped for survival, but don't also make them a guru. I would like a dynamic group that has strengths covering weaknesses and a wide array of Pokemon between the group members. If your trainer specializes in a single type or two, that's fine also.
  4. You can start out with any unevolved Pokemon, or a Pokemon that evolves earlier than Level 15, unless you give me a good reason. If your character gets a Pokemon not native to Kanto or Johto, please give a good reason as to why they have it.
  5. These are young trainers. I don't want to see them having Legendaries, Pokemon with the Bond Phenomenon, or Mega Pokemon just yet. I also don't want them to have Z-Rings unless they came from Alola and participated in the Alolan Trials. If they have a Dynamax Band, then that might as well be there for flavor because there is no Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing in Kanto due to no power spots.
  6. This is an anime-based RP. There will be no levels or stats, no turn order in battles (but give the opponent time to let their Pokemon react to your attacks), and there will be no experience points. Pokemon grow as they train, and they get better at certain aspects when you train those aspects.
    1. These Pokemon may learn more than four moves, as well as any moves they can learn between generations I and VIII and events. Keep it reasonable, which means don't have a Pokemon learn a move if it doesn't suit their fighting style and don't have a Pokemon learn this move if they don't have a way of learning it. I'm okay with it learning a move if they use it to help in surviving out in the wild, though. The "Four Move" ruling is the only thing that I won't have anime-based, as I find the "Four Move" ruling completely unnecessary, but that is my opinion.
  7. Sorry, but no Fakemon. I don't want to deal with that hassle.
  8. I don't mind drama between characters. Actually, I encourage it. Nobody can be liked by everyone, but nobody can be hated by everyone either. Just don't take your anger out in this discussion thread please. Keep your characters and yourselves separate.
  9. I don't mind two people having the same Pokemon, just make sure they have different personalities.
  10. Look up on Bulbapedia for the moves your Pokemon may know. Keep it realistic, but I don't mind if your freshly caught wild Pokemon have all the egg moves at their disposal.
  11. If you have read the rules, underline your favorite color somewhere on your character sheet and give me a roleplay sample of how well you roleplay. That way, I know what I'm expecting of you and I make sure you are following Dragon Cave's RP rules.


Here is the link to the RP thread, which is this sentence.





Age (11-14):




Physical Appearance:


Inventory (Just so I can keep track what all of you have):

Defining Feature:





Pokemon Team:



For your Pokemon:











Defining Features:

Battle Style (What fighting style are they good at? Ranged, melee, status user, mixed?):




Roleplay Sample (Use your given character please):



Mt. Moon Pokemon Spawns:


Sandshrew and Sandslash: They are found digging in the caves and are primarily territorial around their young and tunnel entrances. They are fairly common from B2F-1F.


Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable: The Cleffa line are very secretive and are very hard to find. The Clefairy are usually found roaming the cave to find Moon Stones and food to give to their young and elders. Clefable have been ritually evolved and are regarded to be extremely rare. It would be wise to be careful, as their ears are highly sensitive and provoking a Clefable - or the young - is enough to cause the normally peaceful and docile line to attack in defense. They are more common on B2F, but they are still rare. Clefable are usually found in a special chamber that has a hole that looks up at the sky and the moon is usually in full view.


Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat: The Zubat line are pesky, territorial Pokemon, usually flying about and disorienting anything it considers prey before snacking on their blood. Zubat are dangerous in large numbers, which they are usually in large numbers. Golbat are dangerous when alone, let alone in a small group. Crobat are very rare, as they are usually abandoned by their trainers or have received love and care from another Pokemon. They may help or attack intruders in their lair depending on how feral it became if it was from a trainer. Wild Crobat are exceedingly rare, as not many Golbat make friends and they usually bicker amongst one another when multiples of their group go after one creature. They are on every floor.


Paras and Parasect: They hide in the crevices of Mt. Moon and they generally don't hurt travelers as they walk by. They are very skittish and tend to run off before anyone has a chance of seeing them. If you provoke one, they will attack and shed spores everywhere, which have an equal chance of debilitating a human just as much as it does with a Pokemon. They are on every floor.


Geodude, Graveler, and Golem: Geodude like to hide within the walls and floors of the mountain, occasionally getting stepped on by humans and Pokemon alike. It would be wise to be careful where you tread, as a Geodude may be in your walking path and will attack you out of anger. Graveler tend to be outside of the mountain, but occasionally enter to eat the more rich earth. Golem are exceedingly rare, as they only come about when traded or when put under massive pressure and survive as a Graveler. Golem are very territorial once they get back in the wild and will protect their area at all costs, sometimes using the nearby Geodude for help. The Geodude line are very common and are on every floor.


Onix and Steelix: Onix have made these tunnels that you are now traversing through, but you still have to be careful. Onix and Steelix are extremely territorial. While Steelix are exceedingly rare - as they require being traded or having an iron rich diet and getting compressed by the planet's gravity - they are still more abundant than Golem and will attack if necessary. They are also one of the ones to blame for sections of the tunnels disappearing and appearing. They travel between the different floors.


Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey: The Happiny line are very odd creatures, as they found a space within Mt. Moon to live at peace among the creatures here. They give their eggs of healing while the Happiny line get protection. Chansey and Blissey hide their young within small tunnels dug by Sandshrew and Sandslash, and they make sure to stay close by. Blissey are rarer than Chansey, as they require lots of friendship with a creature to evolve. Though, once they acquire this friendship, they will be at the aid of their fellow friend in no time. They are usually on B2F, but they very rarely go to B1F.


Makuhita and Hariyama: These Pokemon are pretty rare, but you will hear them as they smash rocks and duel each other. They are quite strong and they'll use rocks to attack if your creature is out of their reach - whether by distance or from flying. Attacking them with a Flying-Type or any other Pokemon weak to Rock- and Fighting-Type moves is not recommended. They only live on B2F.


Nosepass and Probopass: Nosepass are rare, but Probopass are exceptionally rare, as they only appear when Nosepass are in an electrically charged environment for a period of time. However, when it is exposed to a Thunder Stone for an extended period of time, they will evolve. Due to this, they stash Thunder Stones for their properties in helping them evolve in an area where they can't do so without going overseas. Nosepass and Probopass appeared in Mt. Moon when people came by and either released their Pokemon or their Pokemon ran away. It is not uncommon to find these Pokemon standing still in a group and face North. Provoke them, and they'll use their magnetism to fling iron objects at you or turn away from the direction of North to use its body in attacks. They move about on the B1F and rarely the B2F. When they travel in groups, they do so very slowly, moving a centimeter every year. The Nosepass line are very docile and never attack out of spite. You can walk around them and even pet them, and they won't attack you. Though, some Nosepass may have metal bits attached to them, like Metal Coat. Probopass aren't locked in facing North anymore, but their magnetic field is so powerful, electronic devices become unusable. Though, they start to get irritated when it loses any of its three Mini-Noses, so if you find something like resembles a tiny head made out of rock and metal, return it to a Probopass.


Absol: They are more rare than the Clefable, as they tend to keep away from humans once they sense them nearby. If you are able to find one, then it might battle you to see if you are worthy. If your character understands it. Although, blaming it for your predicament could also provoke it into attacking. Be careful, as they are merciless. They travel about nonstop throughout the rest of the mountain, but are commonly found on B2F than any other floor.


Chingling and Chimecho: You can hear the echo of their ringing, but don't try to follow it. You'll get more lost if you do so. Normally docile, they will disorient you if provoked and will run away. Chingling are guarded by their parents, Chimecho, so it's best to run if you see a Chingling or hear some ringing noises. They are found mostly on B2F, but their ringing can be heard on B1F.


Bronzor and Bronzong: Bronzor are normally pretty docile and won't attack if you get in their space. However, provoke their Bronzong guardian and they will all attack you. They are really rare to find, so good luck. They are usually heard around B2F, but there is a chamber filled with them that is almost impossible to get to.


I'm not adding anymore Pokemon. If you want your character to find a Pokemon in this mountain, there has to be good reason why it's there and have it go through me first.


Items Found:


It could literally be anything from a Poke Ball and Potion to Ultra Balls and Super Potions and Full Heals. The rarer ones include Pokemon-enhancing vitamins like Rare Candy and Carbos. Still rarer ones include fossils - mainly the Dome Fossils, Helix Fossils and the Old Amber - and really valuable items that can be sold for a lot of money, like nuggets and star pieces. Escape Ropes are fairly common here and can be used to get to the lower levels if you dig down, and then you'll have a way to get between the two levels easier. It just requires a lot of muscle to climb up a rope. Evolutionary Stones are exceptionally rare, but they are usually treasured by a few Pokemon: eg. Moon Stones are treasured by the Cleffa line.




Name: Natalia "Nat" Belland

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Natalia is very curious, outgoing and boisterous, friendly, and sweet to others, especially her Pokemon her relationship with her brother, Xavier, stems from some past slight she felt as a toddler, so she bosses him around and constantly tells him what to do when she should be suggesting things to him differently. However, she still does care for him, as he was there with her for most of her life and she had the most fun with him when he was around. She can be a bit bossy to other people, but it isn't as bad as how she treats her brother. She tries her best in situations where it is required of her to take charge and protect her brother, but even she is not safe from the claws of doubt and low self-esteem, and she starts beating herself up mentally over stupid things, bringing herself down even more.

Physical Appearance: She has long, straight, blonde hair that stops down her mid back and she has really pale white skin with deep blue eyes. She is 5'00" and weighs 110 lbs. Her skin is pretty smooth and has no taints from scars or any other blemishes on her body. She has a very soft and round face and quite skinny with a bit of muscle tone to her body, as she has trained alongside her Pokemon.

Clothes: She usually wears blue jeans, black and white tennis shoes, a black or some other one-color t-shirt, and a black jacket. She carries along with her a black backpack with clips at the bottom to store a bedroll. She also wears a XTransceiver on her right wrist and has a trainer belt with six belt clips for her PokeBalls.

Inventory: A pair of jeans, another trainer belt with six belt clips, three t-shirts, a blanket rolled and clipped to the top of the pack, a bedroll clipped to the bottom of the backpack a mess kit and six bowls, three Potions and three PokeBalls, a Pokedex, two Antidote, two Parlyz Heal, a box of matches, and a swiss knife.

Defining Feature: Her very blue eyes, which seem to sparkle in the light, and her very bright, platinum blond hair.

Likes: Training, her brother, making friends, solving puzzles, helping people, winning, having things done her way, music, being right.

Dislikes: Getting stuck, having things done any other way but her's, not being right, being lazy for too long, being lonely, not exercising her brain, letting people deal with situations on their own.

Fears: Heights, losing her brother, and getting eaten.

Strengths: Is a capable leader at her age, can inspire people to keep going, knows how to train Pokemon and people.

Pokemon Team: Charmander, Beedrill, Spearow

History: Natalia was born in Unova, her father being from Galar and her mother a native Unovan. Two years later, and Natalia's brother, Xavier, was born. At the age of 12 and 10, Natalia and Xavier received their first Starter Pokemon by Professor Oak via mail and were taught how to survive out in the wild. Their parents then called Professor Oak to give them a Pokedex before they started on their journey. Having the luxurious home life they had, the adventure from Pallet Town to Viridian City was rough. They got lost in Viridian Forest and they scraped by and beat Brock. Now, they are heading through Mt. Moon, hoping to come out unscathed on the other side.


Pokemon Team:


Species: Charmander

Name: Zarda

Type: Fire

Gender: Female

Ability: Blaze - When this Pokemon is severely injured or exhausted, its Fire-Type moves double in power.

Personality: She is super sweet and motherly to those she considers her family. She is fairly aggressive, especially towards those she considers strangers acquaintances. But that's just because she's brave, but she also enjoys little pranks here and there. 

Likes: She loves to eat, especially spicy foods. She loves cuddling with her trainer and training alongside her.

Dislikes: Due to being accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle, she doesn't do well in situations where she is trapped. Also due to her constant light source, she finds darkness uncomfortable and feels like something is staring at her from the void as she looks in it. She also is not a big fan of sweet foods.

Fears: True to her typing, she is afraid of being submerged in water with no way to breathe and being buried alive.

Strengths: She is strong physically and her flames are hotter than most Charmanders due to her constant training. Even though she has fears, she won't let them phase her and will stare directly at them and face them head on.

Defining Features: She has green eyes instead of blue and she has a little bump on the upper back portion of her head. This is due to her impending evolution. Claws are starting to bud outwards more and she is larger than most Charmander, being three feet instead of two feet.

Battle Style: She fights with her whole body and at range, dealing damage and disorienting foes with Smokescreen before downing them quickly. She was taught to get in and use several moves before backing off and getting on the defensive. As she gets closer to evolution, she gets more ferocious and her flames get hotter.

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Leer, Dragon Breath, Bide, Will-O-Wisp, Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Air Cutter, Ancient Power, Beat Up, Belly Drum, Bite, Counter, Crunch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Flare Blitz, Focus Punch, Metal Claw, Outrage, Swords Dance, Wing Attack, Fire Pledge, Quick Attack, Howl, Block, Blast Burn, Acrobatics.


Zarda learned Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Leer, and Dragon Breath by simply training and gaining experience. She learned Bide, Headbutt, Rock Tomb, and Rock Slide from learning TMs given by Brock. She learned Will-O-Wisp from a TM Natalia found in Viridian City. She was born with the moves Air Cutter, Ancient Power, Beat Up, Belly Drum, Bite, Counter, Crunch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Flare Blitz, Focus Punch, Metal Claw, Outrage, Swords Dance, and Wing Attack. As a gift, Professor Oak taught Zarda how to use Fire Pledge, Quick Attack, Howl, Block, Blast Burn, and Acrobatics by hiring special move tutors.

History: Zarda was bred specifically for Natalia and she was worth a lot of money. Despite the price, Natalia's parents had the money to buy a special Pokemon for her and Natalia was given Zarda once she hit 12. Since then, Zarda has been with Natalia and trained alongside her, easily becoming the strongest on her team.


Species: Beedrill

Name: Stinger

Type: Bug/Poison

Gender: Male

Ability: Swarm - When this Pokemon is seriously injured or exhausted, its Bug-Type moves will double in power.

Personality: He is very aggressive and can get very protective of his comrades and space. Despite this, he does like cuddling with his trainer and has a jovial side that he only shows when he's with the people he trusts.

Likes: He likes to prank his comrades, training with his trainer, sting something and watch their reactions, and he likes his trainer because she's super sweet to him. He likes sweet foods.

Dislikes: Not being able to sting something as that is boring. He doesn't like dry foods.

Fears: True to his typing, he hates being burned, being in hurricanes, being around psychic waves as they give him horrible migraines, being buried alive, and being unable to fly.

Strengths: Due to his aggressiveness, he is able to get passed his fears, yet will become a little less aggressive when having to dodge attacks he's weak against. He is extremely good at buzzing around though.

Defining Features: He is three feet and six inches instead of three feet and three inches. He also has longer antennae than other Beedrill.

Battle Style: He zips in with decent maneuverability and attacks fast and hard before dipping back. This is the mainstay of most of the strategies he has.

Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Bug Bite, Harden, Twineedle, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Peck, Rage, Headbutt, Flash, Bide, Air Cutter, Fury Cutter.


Stinger learned Poison Sting, String Shot, and Bug Bite as a Weedle, and Harden as a Kakuna. He learned Twineedle, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Peck, and Rage as he trained and gained experience. He learned Headbutt and Bide from TMs given by Brock and Flash from a TM given by a guy on Route 2. He learned Air Cutter and Fury Cutter from a trainer with a Beedrill on Route 3.

History: Natalia caught Stinger as a Weedle in Viridian Forest and gained his trust after a quick battle. He then quickly evolved into Kakuna after a bit of training and then evolved again after a couple of days of waiting. After that, Stinger has become very loyal as Natalia saved him from harm befalling him as a Kakuna, and will stay by her side.


Species: Spearow

Name: Fear

Type: Normal/Flying

Gender: Female

Ability: Keen Eye - This Pokemon's eyes have a membrane that keep this Pokemon's accuracy from falling.

Personality: She is also fairly aggressive, but not as aggressive as Stinger and only gets aggressive when she perceives a threat. She likes to fly about and test her speed, and she commonly can be seen flying about in circles above her trainer. Although, she is quite naive, and finding people and Pokemon to have friends with is quite easy for her. She does try her best to not underestimate her opponents however, thinking they won't deal the damage they do because of her thought process of "oh, they won't hurt me too badly, I'm friends with them... Right?"

Likes: She loves to battle, fly around, cuddling up to her trainer and training with her, and winning because it feels good. She is a fan of sweet foods.

Dislikes: She dislikes tight spaces and ceilings because they restrict her flying capabilities. She also dislikes bitter foods.

Fears: She is fearful of being electrocuted, being frozen, being unable to fly, and broken bones due to bird Pokemon's bones being hollow.

Strengths: She is used as recon, as she can cover lots of distance quickly. Even though she can only seen in black and white, she has amazing accuracy and can pinpoint details from above.

Defining Features: She is larger than most Spearow, as she is close to evolution. The feathers on her wing are turning more of a dull shade of red as it gets ready to turn brown, as more brown feathers sprout from her torso. Small white feathers can be seen growing on the back where her wings connect to her back, and some red bump is under her feathers on her head. This will become the red coxcomb of a Fearow when she evolves. Her beak is also getting slightly longer and she is beginning to have more tail feathers and her talons and neck are getting longer. She is two feet five inches instead of being one foot.

Battle Style: She prefers to fly around and disorient them with her speed before getting in close and attacking them with her beak and talons, and then flying away. She occasionally uses special attacks to keep them at bay and to stop oncoming ranged attacks before she gets in close.

Moves: Peck, Growl, Leer, Pursuit, Fury Attack, Focus Energy, Aerial Ace, Headbutt, Astonish, Feather Dance, Feint Attack, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Scary Face, Sky Attack, Steel Wing, Tri Attack, Uproar, Whirlwind, Sonic Boom.


Fear learned Peck, Growl, Leer, Pursuit, Fury Attack, Focus Energy, and Aerial Ace from training and gaining experience. She learned Headbutt from a TM given from Brock. She was born with Astonish, Feather Dance, Feint Attack, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Scary Face, Sky Attack, Steel Wing, Tri Attack, Uproar, and Whirlwind. A Fearow taught her how to use Sonic Boom in Viridian Forest.

History: Fear was caught on Route 22 as Natalia was checking the scenery and got attacked by a territorial Spearow. Due to an amazing battle, Fear respected Natalia and began training with her, really liking how she trained. She has now become close to Natalia and will protect her from anything befalling her.





Name: Xavier "Xav" Belland

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: He is generally really shy and has self esteem issues due to the constant down talking from Natalia. Yet, he still loves her like a brother because they both protect each other when its needed and they both comfort each other when they need it. He is secretly competitive but is a sore loser. He strives to be like Natalia and not be as shy or downtrodden on himself all the time. He panics quite a bit and starts to hyperventilate when he's panicking. When he isn't panicking, he does come up with great ideas, even if they do seem a bit unorthodox.

Physical Appearance: He has olive skin, short brown hair, green eyes, is 4'07", weighs 90 lbs, and is very skinny with some muscle tone as Natalia works him out. He has a soft, yet slightly angular face that will become more angular as he grows. He has a very innocent look to him and it shows. His skin is very smooth and doesn't have any blemishes.

Clothes: He usually wears long sleeved shirts of varying colors and logos with blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and has a brown fluffy jacket. He has a Xtransceiver on his left wrist. He has a blue and black backpack with clips on the bottom for his bedroll. He has a trainer belt with six belt clips for his PokeBalls.

Inventory: A pair of jeans, another trainer belt with six belt clips, three t-shirts, a blanket rolled and clipped to the top of the pack, a bedroll clipped to the bottom of the backpack a mess kit and six bowls, five Potions and three PokeBalls, a Pokedex, a Burn Heal, an Ice Heal, an Awakening, a box of matches, and a swiss knife.

Defining Feature: His olive skin and sweet innocent look.

Likes: Helping people, his sister, playing with his Pokemon and sister, technology, video games, music, being lazy.

Dislikes: Getting hungry and thirsty, headaches, being bossed around too much, having his Pokemon get hurt, losing a battle, not helping those in need, no cell service.

Fears: Just about anything dangerous or losing his family and friends.

Strengths: Knows how to care for Pokemon and people, great with ideas, works well with others.

Pokemon Team: Squirtle, Butterfree, Pidgey, Pikachu

History: Xavier was born in Unova two years after his sister, his father being from Galar and his mother a native Unovan. At the age of 12 and 10, Natalia and Xavier received their first Starter Pokemon from Professor Oak via mail and were taught how to survive out in the wild. Their parents then called Professor Oak to give them a Pokedex before they started on their journey. Having the luxurious home life they had, the adventure from Pallet Town to Viridian City was rough. They got lost in Viridian Forest and they scraped by and beat Brock. Now, they are heading through Mt. Moon, hoping to come out unscathed at the other side.


Pokemon Team:


Species: Squirtle

Name: Torta

Type: Water

Gender: Female

Ability: Rain Dish - During rain, this Pokemon gets cured from status afflictments.

Personality: Torta is very sweet and generally doesn't like battling unless necessary. She is capable of taking hits and likes to take her time on things and relax, like training, which can frustrate Natalia, who primarily trains her brother's Pokemon.

Likes: She likes to smell flowers, wade in pools, and she likes to cuddle with her trainer and spit water in his face. She also likes allowing her friends to play with her bubbles. She likes sour foods.

Dislikes: She dislikes fighting and she definitely dislikes anger. She also dislikes sweet foods.

Fears: She is absolutely afraid of being lost and getting electrocuted.

Strengths: She is motherly and very nurturing, her charisma leading to her ability to calm people and Pokemon down and will stay by their side until they are okay.

Defining Features: She has fur sprouting from her tail that is getting longer, and her skin is getting mottled patched which are a darker blue than her more aqua skin tone. There are also fur sprouting around where her ears are, and claws are budding from her fingers and toes. She is also getting larger, being two feet and five inches instead of being one foot and eight inches.

Battle Style: She takes her time fighting. She deduces the opponents weaknesses and then aims for them as she takes advantage of them. Of course, she feels horrible so she occasionally holds back when fighting.

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Withdraw, Bubble, Rapid Spin, Bite, Water Pulse, Bide, Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Aura Sphere, Confusion, Dragon Pulse, Flail, Foresight, Haze, Life Dew, Mirror Coat, Mist, Mud Sport, Muddy Water, Refresh, Water Spout, Yawn, Water Pledge, Zap Cannon, False Swipe, Block, Hydro Cannon, Follow Me, Celebrate


Torta learns Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Withdraw, Bubble, Rapid Spin, Bite, and Water Pulse from training and gaining experience. She learned Bide, Headbutt, Rock Tomb, and Rock Slide from TMs given by Brock. She was born with Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Aura Sphere, Confusion (Gen II breeding if anyone was wondering), Dragon Pulse, Flail, Foresight, Haze, Life Dew, Mirror Coat, Mist, Mud Sport, Muddy Water, Refresh, Water Spout, and Yawn. Professor Oak, with the aid of tutors, helped teach Torta how to use Water Pledge, Zap Cannon, False Swipe, Block, Hydro Cannon, Follow Me, and Celebrate.

History: Torta was especially bred for Xavier, as his parents had the money to spend on such expensive Pokemon. Torta was given to Xavier and she became a quick friend for him, sharing his love for relaxation and having ideas while not being in anything too particularly violent. She stands up for Xavier against Natalia when she gets too bossy, however, lending to an interesting dynamic between the two.


Species: Butterfree

Name: Free

Type: Bug/Flying

Gender: Male

Ability: Compound Eyes - Due to the many viewpoints in those big compounded eyes, this Pokemon has increased accuracy when using status moves.

Personality: Free is very carefree and loves to relax and enjoy life as it is, preferring to live in the moment rather than worry about the future. However, when something happens, he tends to panic, making him more timid that relaxed.

Likes: He likes enjoying nature, flying, cuddling with his trainer, and completing mind challenging puzzles. He likes sweets, as well.

Dislikes: He dislikes getting lost and the darkness. He also doesn't like ceilings or tight spaces, as he loves the feel of the sun on him and his ability to fly around. He dislikes bitter foods.

Fears: True to his typing, he is afraid of being burned, being frozen, being electrocuted, getting his wings clipped, and being buried alive.

Strengths: He is very intelligent and can battle on his own when needed to. This leads to him using other moves than what Xavier commands, which looks like he is disobedient. This is not the case, as Free is using a different method that would work out better.

Defining Features: Butterfree is four feet tall instead of being three feet and seven inches, and he has shorter antennae than other Butterfree.

Battle Style: He debilitates his opponents with spores before attacking them from afar as he speedily flies about and avoids attacks.

Moves: Gust, Supersonic, Confusion, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Headbutt, Bide, Flash, Psych Up, Dream Eater, Air Cutter, Roost.


Free learned Gust, Supersonic, Confusion, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder through training and gaining experience. He learned Flash from a guy on Route 2 via TM, Psych Up in Viridian Forest via TM, and Dream Eater in Viridian City via TM. He learned Air Cutter and Roost from a trainer's Butterfree in Viridian Forest.

History: Xavier caught a Caterpie as he thought it was really adorable and he found his way into his backpack after smelling something sweet in there. Xavier caught him after they shared a meal and Natalia helped to evolve Free into a Metapod. After a couple of days, he evolved into a Butterfree and began training with Natalia. He is the more pacifistic one in the team, as he would put an enemy to sleep before trying to get him and his trainer away if the battle was unwarranted. Ever since he was shown kindness, Free has been loyal to Xavier ever since.


Species: Pidgey

Name: Birda

Type: Normal/Flying

Gender: Female

Ability: Big Pecks - Due to her highly developed pectorals, this Pokemon is unable to lose physical attacking power.

Personality: She is more docile than Natalia's Spearow, as she likes to just be a bird. She is more okay with battle than her other comrades and prefers to fly around and race and flap up little gusts of wind in a playful manner instead of doing so to train. She will get on Natalia's case if she gets too bossy with her brother though.

Likes: She likes to fly, peck at the ground, eating seeds (eating in general actually), and likes to cuddle with her trainer and sleeping in his lap.

Dislikes: She dislikes being in tight spaces or ceilings as they restrict her flying.

Fears: She is afraid of being buried, being unable to fly, being electrocuted, getting too cold, and her hollow bones shattering.

Strengths: She is a good recon Pokemon and can fly longer distances than Natalia's Spearow, therefore getting more information than her. They have a rivalry with each other due to this. She can also take more damage than Fear and can fly around faster than Fear.

Defining Features: Birda is two feet seven inches instead of being one foot, and she is close to evolution. This is apparent as her body is bigger than most Pidgey, her tail feathers are becoming more red and yellow, along with her head feathers becoming more red. Her talons are getting longer and sharper and her beak is getting bigger, as well as her wings becoming larger with longer flight feathers. The extra feathers on the chest of the Pidgey are still the same length, but are becoming less prominent as she grows.

Battle Style: She uses her speed to disorient the opponent and use ranged attacks to attack the opponent. If she needs to, she'll get in close and attack, though she prefers not to.

Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Mirror Move, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Headbutt, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Brave Bird, Defog, Feint Attack, Foresight, Pursuit, Steel Wing, Uproar, Secret Power.


Birda learned Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Mirror Move, Quick Attack, and Wing Attack through training and gaining experience. She learned Headbutt from a TM given by Brock. She was born with Air Cutter, Air Slash, Brave Bird, Defog, Feint Attack, Foresight, Pursuit, Steel Wing, and Uproar. She was taught how to use Secret Power in Viridian City by a Pidgeotto.

History: She was caught on Route 1 as Xavier and Natalia made their way to Viridian City. She taught Xavier and Natalia that the roads from here on out are going to be rough and taught them to be less spoiled and use their survival training that they learned from their parents to help them survive out in the wilderness.


Species: Pikachu

Name: Pika

Type: Electric

Gender: Male

Ability: Lightning Rod - When an Electric-Type attack is used, it will be drawn to this Pokemon and this Pokemon will absorb the attack. The absorbed attack will raise this Pokemon's elemental attacks and it won't damage this Pokemon.

Personality: He is brotherly and is very alert to sounds. He also is very brave, choosing to protect his friends and family. He likes to make debates with his comrades and likes to learn from the humans and asks them tons of questions, to which he knows they don't fully understand what he's saying without a game of charades, making for some funny translation errors. Although, he only does all this because it is very easy for him to feel lonely.

Likes: He likes cuddling with his trainer, battling, training, and eating berries, especially spicy ones.

Dislikes: He dislikes being flung into the air and being ignored. He doesn't like sour foods, either.

Fears: He is afraid of being buried alive and losing control, as well as being alone, physically and emotionally.

Strengths: He makes sure everyone is safe and having fun. He is more okay with battles than the other ones, but he prefers to be lazying about. His lazying about does aid him in finding things on accident.

Defining Features: Pika is two feet tall instead of the usual one foot and four inches. Pikachu's fur is also a little more orange than yellow and its cheeks are becoming more yellow. His ears are beginning to grow more curly fur on the bottom and the tops and backs of the ears are starting to dark in color. His belly is also becoming lighter, and his feet are getting larger and his paws and toes are starting to darken, as well. The bottom portion of Pika's tail is also starting to extend by a black skinny part. He will no longer grow into a more Raichu-like Pikachu until he is exposed to a Thunder Stone. The reason why he looks like this is because this Pikachu was exposed to lots of electrical radiation at one point, causing him to almost evolve.

Battle Style: He is quick and attacks fast with both ranged and physical attacks, and he controls the battlefield to put it in his favor.

Moves: Nuzzle, Nasty Plot, Thunder Shock, Quick Attack, Double Kick, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Electro Ball, Headbutt, Flash, Charge, Disarming Voice, Electric Terrain, Encore, Endure, Fake Out, Flail, Lucky Chant, Reversal, Thunder Punch, Volt Tackle, Wish, Extreme Speed, Agility, Mega Kick, Iron Tail.


Pika learned Nasty Plot, Thunder Shock, and Nuzzle as a Pichu. He learned Quick Attack, Double Kick, Thunder Wave, Double Team, and Electro Ball through training and gaining experience. He learned Headbutt from a TM given by Brock and Flash via TM from a guy on Route 2. Pika was born with Charge, Disarming Voice, Electric Terrain, Encore, Endure, Fake Out, Flail, Lucky Chant, Reversal, Thunder Punch, Volt Tackle, and Wish. Pika learned Extreme Speed, Agility, Mega Kick, and Iron Tail because his previous trainer gave him the tools required to learn these moves.

History: He was a Pichu in Viridian Forest, abandoned by his trainer for being disobedient, and Xavier found him searching for berries. He gave berries to the Pichu, who gained trust in him and began following him around. After awhile, Xavier caught the Pichu and the Pichu got them out of the forest onto the northern stretch of Route 2. Pika also helped to save the two trainers and evolved into Pikachu at the time. When they were fighting against a trainer, an attack was sent at the trees on accident and it caused the bird Pokemon to throw out a gust to scare the battling trainers away. One of them had a Thunder Stone in his bag and it fell out towards Pika. Pika, not wanting to evolve just yet as he was not ready yet, jumped out of the way, but the radiation began to change him. Xavier had to return Pika before he evolved, cancelling his evolution and making him stuck between the species. He is still considered a Pikachu though.


Note: Even though these Pokemon know a lot of moves, they don't remember them all.


Roleplay Sample (Use your given character please; this sample will be my starting post in the actual RP thread):



The world was beginning to open up to two aspiring young trainers. The journey started when they got their starter Pokemon in Unova, but the two siblings hadn't known it started then and it was going to get progressively more dangerous. They thought their adventure started when they reached Pallet Town, as they met up with the man who gifted them the special starter Pokemon. Professor Oak had also given them Pokedexes and the brother and sister set off towards Pewter City. They found some trouble along the way, but their Pokemon team was beginning to shape up. They helped their Pokemon evolve particularly early in the adventure, they have the Boulder Badge, and everything was starting to get relatively simple. It was then they discovered they had to go through a mountain to get to Route 4 and on to Cerulean City. While the task was simple, many of their Pokemon weren't all that keen on entering a dark cavern that may have low ceilings and a maze to traverse through, let alone it being filled with temperamental and hungry Pokemon. Still, they steeled their spirits and walked up to the mouth of the mountain. It was beckoning for them to enter. To get lost in its three floors. A young girl, the older sister to the brother, named Natalia, had her Charmander by her side, her Beedrill hovering above her, and her Spearow on her other side. Her brother, named Xavier (usually called Xav (pronounced: Zave)), had his Squirtle and Pidgey by his side, his Pikachu on his head, and his Butterfree hovering above him.


They had no idea what was going to happen to them.


They saw a sign next to the maw of the cavern. It said: "INCREASED SIGHTING OF ONIX. CAUTION IS ADVISED."


Xav was now getting worried, and so were his Pokemon. He was the softer one of the group, with Natalia being the more brave and hard one of the duo. Although, her brash nature tended to get them into trouble. She didn't let that sign stop her and she kept walking. Her Charmander was right by her side, but her Beedrill and Spearow faltered.


"I don't like the look of that sign. Maybe we should stay out here for a few days. Let it clear up. Who knows what damage the Onix can do to the passages in the tunnel. I mean, we just fought one, you think we can fight more of them?" Of course, he was always the more emotionally rational of the duo, which did work in their favor at times. However, Natalia wasn't going to let her little brother drag her into sitting this one out. It was time they had an adventure, even if she did underestimate the dangers.


"Ah, no way. That's not fun. Besides we have Pokemon who are really strong, stronger than most when they get through here. We'll be fine. Plus, we have rations and our items. Come on, please?" She begged to take them into the maw, and Xav sighed and looked over at the Pokemon Center next to the entrance.


"I don't know, the center looks way more appealing with its sliding doors and a little slice of civilization since we left Pewter City. You sure we'll be fine if we go in there?"


"I'm sure of it. Come on," she made a big 'come along' gesture with her arm as her and her three Pokemon entered, yet her Spearow and Beedrill looked back at Xav, as if expecting him to follow them in because they weren't about to pay for their trainer's ignorance. Xav sighed and mustered up the courage to walk in. His Pikachu looked in awe at everything while his Pidgey and Butterfree returned themselves. His Squirtle looked a bit scared as she clung on to Xav's leg. Natalia's Spearow and Beedrill returned to their PokeBalls as well, which Natalia rolled her eyes at. That's fine, more adventuring for her and her best buddy of a Charmander.


"Hey, how about Pika gives us some light," Natalia suggested.


"Yea, that's a good idea. Pika, Flash," Xav commanded.


A bright glow emanated from the Pikachu as his cheeks sparked with electricity. Now, everything was easier to see, and they could see many Zubat screech and fly away from the light shining on them. Side-by-side, they walked in, unaware of the dangers imposed on them in the near future.


Accepted Roleplayers:

@ValidEmotions - Cody "CJ" Johnson (Pokemon Team: Shinx, Eevee, Slowpoke, Misdreavus, Bulbasaur, Male Nidoran)

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Name: Cody "CJ" Johnson

Age: 14 years

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: CJ can get competitive but he's mostly just looking to have a good time and make friends. He's sometimes loud but has more of a habit of acting before fully thinking. True for a lot of trainers, CJ looks to prove himself against any challenge that presents itself. On the other hand, CJ has a tough time with touchy-feely situations, never knowing what's best to say. And, he's not much of the hugging sort, preferring not to touch anyone or have anyone touch him. But he'll show support when he can--if he remembers to. Being not that great with emotional vulnerability, CJ works to keep his stress or anxieties bottled up. He believes that if he laughs long enough, the issue will go away. That doesn't mean he won't talk out his problems (or awkwardly help someone else talk out theirs), it just means he prefers not to.

Physical Appearance: Standing about 5'3", CJ is coming out of his lanky phase and entering a more balanced physique. Subtle muscles are developing from the amount of trekking he's done, traveling with his Pokémon. His hair is short, uncombed, and black. His skin is of a medium brown tone and his eyes are a warm hazel. CJ's facial features are caught between the mild roundness of his youth and the sharper details of his coming adulthood. 

Clothes: A fan of t-shirts and jeans, CJ mostly keeps it simple and plain. His shirts are more often a solid color with either no decoration or a small design. Beneath it, he wears a basic tank top. Over his shirt, he wears a dark blue sweater with a yellow line on both sides and a black hood. His jeans are well-worn and the blue of the denim has faded with age. His sneakers are scuffed but sturdy. From his neck, he wears a thin silver chain. Around CJ's left wrist, he wears a black band imprinted with a yellow, four-pointed star. 


-> Shoulder bag

-> Pokédex

-> Spare clothes

-> Trainer Belt

-> Sleeping bag

-> Flint

-> 2 Oran Berries

-> 3 Burn Heals

-> 2 Paralyze Heals

-> 5 Potions

-> 10 Poké Balls

-> 1 Revive

Defining Feature: CJ doesn't believe he has anything special about him. However, he did injure himself as a small boy which left him with a very subtle limp that's hard to notice. Or at least, he believes it's hard. If air pressure from the weather changes enough, it often irritates the joints in his left leg (ankle, knee, and hip) and can aggravate the old injury.

Likes: CJ loves sweets, the color green, and always enjoys a fun Pokémon battle.

Dislikes: CJ isn't a fan of Bug-Type Pokémon (not so much that he's afraid of them, just isn't a fan of their abilities) and hates being cold. 

Fears: Perhaps CJ's biggest fear is drowning. After that, he's afraid of disappointing his mother as well as dying before he can see the entire world.

Strengths: He likes to pride himself in his ability to cook, first and foremost. The rest of his strengths include art, critical thinking (when he actually stops to think), and keeping himself focused on a goal at hand.

Pokemon Team: Shinx, Bulbasaur, Nidoran (M), Eevee, Slowpoke,  Misdreavus

History: Born in the Sinnoh region, CJ grew up in a single-parent household, his father having passed away due to an accident just after CJ was born. His mother served dining tables at one job and hotel room cleaning at a second to stay afloat. For awhile, their situation held, but only just. When CJ was 10, he started helping out at a neighbor's farm in exchange for produce so his mother didn't have to worry about food. He worked as a farm hand for the next year, and the two families became close friends. Shortly after turning 11, however, there was an accident and one of the storage buildings collapsed, trapping CJ within. Covered in scrapes and bruises, CJ suffered a sprained wrist and his left leg was broken in two places. It took time to get him out and, when asked about what happened, CJ only shook his head. Speculations go that the trauma left him with memory loss about the incident. Truthfully, CJ remembers the event but is too frightened to speak about it. He recovered from the accident but the financial strain became too much for his mother to handle on her own. Even with support from friends, CJ and his mother couldn't remain in Sinnoh and prepared to move to Kanto once CJ's leg was better healed. Before they left, CJ was gifted a Pokémon egg from the farmer he worked for. 


Once in Kanto, CJ and his mother settled down in a small, somewhat beat-up place. His mother went straight to working tables and CJ tried to find something he could do with a poor leg. At first, it was difficult. He went through long phases of self-loathing and pessimism as his leg didn't work the way he wanted it to, the way he needed it to. At school, though, his teacher offered him help and gave him the name of a Pokémon Trainer. How one had to deal with the other, CJ didn't know. But the idea of a Trainer was interesting enough that CJ went to see who the person was. A woman specializing in Grass Type and Electric Type Pokémon, the Trainer began teaching him about Pokémon. When she learned of CJ's egg, she instructed him to keep it close and, after a few months, it finally hatched into a Shinx. For the next two years, CJ and his new Shinx grew together, learning about Pokémon and trainers. Over that time, CJ gradually recovered--both physically in his leg and mentally. 


At 13, he wanted to see the world. With his mother's permission (and fretful help to prepare a travel bag for him), CJ set off with his Shinx and has been moving ever since. 


Pokemon Team


Species: Shinx

Name: ---

Type: Electric

Gender: Female

Ability: Intimidate | When a Pokémon with Intimidate enters the battle, it lowers the Attack stat of all adjacent opponents by one stage.

Personality: Hasty | +Speed, -Defense

Shinx is almost like a foil to CJ. Though she's often just as quick to act as CJ, she's more likely to notice something that he's missed. She's determined and naturally protective of her trainer, too. Unlike CJ, she tends to be more open about vulnerability and expressing when something's wrong. She'll also push a little more frequently on getting others to say what's bothering them. While confident in many of her abilities, Shinx rarely disobeys CJ if he doesn't believe she can accomplish something. 

Likes: She's extremely fond of sweets. Snoozing by a campfire has also become one of her favorite things. Otherwise, a good run is always desired.

Dislikes: Sour food is an outright "no, thank you". While she has an advantage against Water Types, Shinx isn't too fond of her fur getting drenched; shoving her into a river is a good way to get shocked. 

Fears: She's afraid of being abandoned, above all else. 

Strengths: Shinx considers her speed to be her strongest attribute. Besides that, she's great at climbing trees and seeing in the dark. True to the nature of her species, she can also sense immediate threats.

Defining Features: She looks just like any other Shinx but CJ gave her a magnet to hold, boosting her Electric type attacks. This magnet is small and circular, embedded in a cloth strap that wraps around her neck.

Battle Style: Mixed


Primary Four

-> Charge

-> Spark

-> Thunder

-> Double Team

Extras: Bite, Leer, Protect

History: Hatched from an egg, Shinx has been with CJ from the very start. She grew and learned with him under a Trainer's tutelage. It wasn't always about how to battle, either. Sometimes, the lessons involved understanding one another or how to best use each others strengths as individuals. Sometimes there were lessons just about surviving and basics about Type advantages or useful items. Either way, when CJ decided to start traveling, Shinx was ready and excited to go. 


Species: Bulbasaur

Name: ---

Type: Grass | Poison

Gender: Male

Ability: Overgrow | When a Pokémon with Overgrow uses a Grass-type move, the move's power will be increased by 50% if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.

Personality: Relaxed | +Defense, -Speed

Bulbasaur often isn't in a hurry to do much of anything. More of the Go-With-The-Flow sort, he'll let others take charge and worry about more specific details while he just concerns himself with what his next meal is going to be. That, or just what will get him to see the next day. Bulbasaur is also very much a conversationalist. He likes sharing stories and listening to others, always asking questions and pressing for more. 

Likes: Loves sour food. He enjoys sunbathing and feeling a nice breeze. He also likes to talk.

Dislikes: He's not a fan of sweets; they make him feel sick. He doesn't like long silences unless it means everyone is asleep. 

Fears: He's afraid of fire. Even beyond a basic type disadvantage.

Strengths: Despite his relaxed tendencies, Bulbasaur is physically stronger than he lets off. 

Defining Features: Nothing super out of the ordinary. He's just a regular Bulbasaur.

Battle Style: Ranged and Status Effects


Primary Four

-> Vine Whip

-> Leech Seed

-> Sleep Powder

-> Razor Leaf

Extras: Growl, Tackle, Poison Powder, Growth

History: Bulbasaur crossed paths with CJ shortly after the boy started his traveling. Originally, Bulbasaur was going to mind his own business but was provoked into a battle when Shinx attacked. Of course, Bulbasaur didn't have many offensive moves and was shortly captured in a Poké Ball. Since then, he's slowly gotten stronger but is still better suited for more defensive type strategies. 


Species: Nidoran

Name: ---

Type: Poison

Gender: Male

Ability: Poison Point | When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the attacking Pokémon will become poisoned. This Ability cannot poison Poison-type or Steel-type Pokémon.

If a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a multi-strike move that makes contact (such as Fury Swipes), each hit has an independent chance to activate this Ability.

Personality: Naughty | +Attack, -Special Defense

Nidoran can be rude more often than not. He doesn't care and it classifies him as a bit of a jerk. He's not really in this world to make friends and is more focused on becoming stronger. Extremely competitive, Nidoran hates to lose and is constantly putting himself down for any self-perceived flaw or shortcoming. Despite all of this, he's started to consider CJ and Shinx important friends. Although, he won't admit such a sappy thing out loud. 

Likes: Spicy food is a favorite of his. However, Nidoran loves winning above all else. For this reason, he enjoys challenges and games with clear winners. He also likes to mostly be left alone.

Dislikes: Bitter food is a no go. Talkative, annoying individuals is even worse. 

Fears: Nidoran is inexplicably afraid of heights. But he'll be damned if anyone ever finds out about this.

Strengths: He has extremely potent venom within his horns and he's learned how to best utilize that even outside of battle. Nidoran's hearing is also rather sensitive, making it easy for him to pick up the slightest sound from a distance.

Defining Features: The largest spike on his back was broken during a fight before CJ found him. As such, the end is jagged and occasionally leaks venom.

Battle Style: Melee and Ranged


Primary Four

-> Poison Sting

-> Horn Attack

-> Double Kick

-> Headbutt

Extras: Focus Energy, Leer, Toxic, Iron Tail

History: Nidoran has been roaming ever since he could walk and learned how to defend himself. During his wanderings, he picked several fights and lost as much as he won. In one battle, the spike on his back was broken and he's since then told various, differing tales about how it happened. Shortly after it broke, he encountered CJ and challenged the boy for entering his "territory". The Bulbasaur wasn't strong enough to beat him but the Shinx managed to wear him down enough for CJ to capture Nidoran. For a long time, Nidoran held a grudge about that but eventually realized that a trainer could be the best path to becoming as strong as possible.


Species: Eevee

Name: ---

Type: Normal

Gender: Female

Ability: Run Away | A Pokémon with this Ability can always flee and use Teleport successfully, regardless of trapping moves and Abilities (including Ingrain and binding moves).

Personality: Quiet | +Special Attack, -Speed

Eevee doesn't talk a lot. She's more of the observational sort, preferring to wait before coming to any course of action. She also likes to listen to the voices of others; she finds the different tones, pitches, and ways of speaking that everyone has to be fascinating. Once in awhile, Eevee can even be found off to the side, playing with her own voice. It makes sense that her favorite kind of games involve speaking. Her quiet demeanor shouldn't fool many, though, as she doesn't do too well under pressure. She's not great at handling rapid-fire decisions and much prefers having a thought out strategy.

Likes: Dry food is a plus in her book. Speaking of books, Eevee enjoys it when CJ reads out loud, to her directly or to anyone else. 

Dislikes: She's not overly fond of sweets, though she tolerates sweetly-flavored food if that's all there is to eat. And, despite her affinity towards voices, she doesn't like sounds that are incredibly sharp or rough to her ears. Which includes any off-pitch or cacophonous music.

Fears: Eevee is... afraid of Bug Type Pokémon. She doesn't have much reasoning for it beyond "I only remember seeing terrifying insect eyes".

Strengths: She's very light on her feet, making her extremely silent when she wants to be. Her ears are sensitive and perfect for catching faint sounds. 

Defining Features: Nothing really out of the usual. She just looks like a regular Eevee.

Battle Style: Mixed


Primary Four

-> Helping Hand

-> Quick Attack

-> Swift

-> Growl

Extras: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Protect, Weather Ball

History: Eevee was given to CJ as an egg for helping an elderly couple in charge of a daycare center. They had been experiencing a large number of Pokémon to care for and needed the extra hands. She hatched while he was still working there and learned much just by watching all sorts of Pokémon. After many trainers took their Pokémon back home, CJ's help wasn't needed any longer and he continued traveling with his growing team. 


Species: Slowpoke

Name: ---

Type: Water | Psychic

Gender: Male

Ability: Own Tempo | Own Tempo prevents the Pokémon from being afflicted by confusion, even if it is self-inflicted (such as from moves like Thrash or items like the Iapapa Berry)

Personality: Docile | --

Slowpoke is a rather neutral individual. He, like Bulbasaur, is a go-with-the-flow type being but, because he doesn't talk a lot (if at all), some confuse him for being rather unintelligent. There really isn't a lot that can anger or otherwise negatively affect him. And, there isn't much that seems to amuse him, either. A curious Pokémon, it's often difficult to figure out what's going on in his mind and he doesn't have very expressive reactions. 

Likes: Slowpoke likes swimming, of all things. The sight of a lake, pond, or river is one of the few things that actually get a visible reaction from him. 

Dislikes: Oddly, mud is the one thing Slowpoke appears to loathe. Dust doesn't bother him though, or at least don't provoke the clear repulsion that mud does.

Fears: There's speculation that Slowpoke is most afraid of loud noises. But without any visible acknowledgement from Slowpoke himself, it's hard to tell for certain.

Strengths: Slowpoke is kind of average but much of his strength seems to lie in not being phased by a lot of things. He's clear-headed, if that counts.

Defining Features: Unlike other Slowpoke, he actually has apparent irises. They're mostly green in color but sometimes the light reveals flecks of blue.

Battle Style: Ranged and Status Effects


Primary Four

-> Water Gun

-> Yawn

-> Confusion

-> Disable

Extras: Curse, Water Pulse, Light Screen, Rain Dance

History: CJ doesn't know where Slowpoke came from. It just happened that, one day, he noticed Slowpoke following him while on a mountain trail. At first, CJ tried to figure out if the Slowpoke was lost and looking for its Trainer. When it finally became clear that the Pokémon was a wild one, he tried sending Slowpoke away. When that didn't work, CJ finally decided to touch an unused Poké Ball to Slowpoke's head. The Pokémon joined without a fight.


Species: Misdreavus

Name: ---

Type: Ghost

Gender: Female

Ability: Levitate | Levitate renders the Pokémon with this Ability immune to damaging Ground-type moves (except Thousand Arrows). It also is unaffected by the effects of Arena Trap, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web, Rototiller, and terrain.

Personality: Modest | +Special Attack, -Attack

Misdreavus is a friendly soul who likes meeting new individuals. Not overly chatty but not quite a quiet individual, she's very curious about everything around her and enjoys exploring new things. She's a little shy, though, and struggles with accepting any form of compliment. Misdreavus prefers giving credit where credit is due for others, and revoking credit for herself even if she's earned it. She likes to have fun and she'll even pull some pranks from time to time, the majority of them being harmless. Once in awhile, however, she might accidentally take things too far and inadvertently cause trouble. 

Likes: She likes dry treats, especially the ones that crumble really easily. Games are practically a weakness of hers, and she's always up for friendly competition. 

Dislikes: She's not a fan of spicy things; they burn her mouth too much. Mean people/Pokémon are just as awful as spicy food, especially when they make her cry (which isn't extremely difficult). She also doesn't like slimy things.

Fears: Misdreavus is afraid of becoming lost somewhere she can't escape. The idea of an endless maze or a tiny trap room with no door or means for her to phase through the walls makes her terrified. Shinx's told her this is called claustrophobia or something. 

Strengths: She doesn't have many special talents but she loves phasing through solid objects and considers herself a good escape artist. But, that's just her opinion.

Defining Features: Nothing overtly unique. She's just a Misdreavus.

Battle Style: Ranged


Primary Four

-> Shadow Ball

-> Psywave

-> Psychic

-> Calm Mind

Extras: Spite, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Astonish

History: Before finding CJ, she spent much of her time hanging around an abandoned graveyard, playing games with Ghastlys or avoiding awful Haunters and Gengars. When she spotted CJ one day, she hid herself and followed him about, wanting to know what he was doing and where he was going. His Shinx spotted her first and spoiled her snooping. But a battle was an entertaining thought so she fought against Shinx and Slowpoke. Ultimately, Misdreavus lost but she enjoyed the encounter. Enough so that she floated close enough to CJ to activate a Poké Ball on her own.


Roleplay Sample (Use your given character please):


The entrance to Mt. Moon yawned before him. CJ studied it, wondering whether or not he should actually travel through or find another way to the other side. Shinx made a faint sound near his knee and he glanced at her. She flicked her tail and smiled. "Shinx!" she purred. 


Rubbing the back of his head, CJ nodded once. "Alright then. Forward. Wouldn't hurt to meet other trainers inside. Who knows? Maybe we'll come across something good, even." Shinx darted ahead of him, entering the dark cave with CJ only a few strides behind. It'd been some time since he was last in a cave, and he wondered if much of the same Pokémon could be found here as in the previous one. Shinx's abilities, he remembered, wasn't going to be very effective against all of the Ground types likely to show up--but that's where Bulbasaur and Slowpoke would be helpful. 


His footsteps echoed faintly against the stony floor, drips of moisture plinking in the distance. Inside was a stark contrast to the warm sun outside. "Stay close, Shinx." It was difficult to see, but not wholly impossible. At least, for him. He knew Shinx had an easier time seeing in the dark and, if she was positioned correctly, she could help him navigate in the cave. 


The dark, however, wasn't going to be much of an issue. A brilliant flash erupted from behind and CJ twisted, shielding his eyes against it. An angry flurry of Zubat cried out above him, wind from their wingbeats buffeting his hair. After a moment to adjust, he blinked his eyes rapidly and made out a pair of silhouettes. "Oh, hey. That's really useful," he said to them. 

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I would like to point out that Bulbasaur is Grass/Poison, but that's just nitpicking at this point. XD thank you for making a character with a solid personality. I shall accept you after your Pokemon are done.

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Alright. Everything's finished.

A couple things:

1. Shinx came in during Gen IV, which is also when they got rid of Flash in exchange for Defog. So, I have no idea if Shinx can actually learn Flash--I just know that it was never necessary in the Sinnoh region. Shinx being an Electric Type, it stands to reason that it could learn Flash, though. So.... ??

2. I didn't really know where to go with my RP sample. Hope you don't mind me piggy-backing off a little on yours.


3. I noticed you're doing some really interesting "between Evos" things :V Is that I thing I could do for Shinx since she's been with CJ for a few years now? Or could I just stick with "instant form change" for her evolution? I'd imagine she isn't far off from evolving into a Luxio.

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1. If Shinx can learn TM70 Flash, which they can, then Shinx may use Flash, as well.

2. I don't mind. Go ahead. I kind of left it open ended since I hope most people know what Mt. Moon and Route 3 is, but if they don't there is always Bulbapedia. Or I can just bring in pictures.

3. Sure, I don't mind. I did something different and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. Go ahead, you can do that to your Shinx and any other Pokemon that are close to evolving.


You are also accepted.

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I couldn't leave out that ValidEmotions was accepted. :P

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Oh huh. Bulbapedia doesn't mention anything about TM70 on its page for the list of moves Shinx can learn, so I wasn't certain 😅 
Awesome :)

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I looked it up on the actual Flash page. It can learn Flash through TM in Gens IV-VI. If you don't check the other generations by clicking or pressing the Roman numerals on the table headers of the moves learned, then it won't show up. XD Every table of the moves learned by generation in Bulbapedia is separated by those Roman numerals. Gen IV learnset of Shinx is in Generation IV and so on.


I went through all the generation learnsets to see which one I can have my Pokemon learn at an early level and egg moves. Especially during this time period of the RP, I wouldn't doubt that some Pokemon have already got some Egg moves learned by either an abandoned Pokemon or by happenstance.


You may have checked its Gen VII learnset and that's it. Don't forget the other three. XD

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Oh pffft xD Thanks for the extra info ^^ I may or may not add Flash to Shinx's move set. I mean, some of the pokédex entries call it the Flash Pokémon and it naturally creates a spark/flash of light when it senses danger lol


I'm probably just going to copy/past my RP blurb into the IC thread. Otherwise, I'll likely spend a little bit thinking of what to add/change. :v

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Go ahead. :) I can't wait to RP. XD I'm not sure how many other people are interested and I may lower the amount of people to either three or four (not including me), so that I won't keep my RP open for too long.

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Also, I'm going to make this rule:


Headbutt is a TM in Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, while it is a Move Tutor move in HeartGold and SoulSilver.


If your Pokemon can learn Headbutt from HGSS, but that same Pokemon can't learn that move via TM for whatever reason, they can learn it by that TM.


For example, Shinx can learn Headbutt in HGSS via Move Tutor, but it wasn't included in LGP or LGE because those games only had Kanto Pokemon and their Alolan forms, along with Mega Pokemon. But, because Shinx can still learn it in another game, it can learn Headbutt via a TM you have.


If your character has defeated Brock, you may be rewarded with TMs for Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, and Bide.


Basically, if your Pokemon can learn a move by one method, it may learn the same move with a different method.


All TMs and HMs and Move Tutor moves are just moves that are taught to a Pokemon, whether it be technological or by a human and a Pokemon. Egg moves may be similar. If a Pokemon is capable of learning a move via breeding or training and another Pokemon teaches it in how to use it (like a Pikachu learning how to use Wish but not knowing it could use it in the first place until it is taught, or using Thunderbolt by another Pokemon that uses a similar method), then your Pokemon may learn that move.


Sorry if that sounded confusing. But basically, it gives a lot more flexibility in what Pokemon can learn which moves and leaving how they learn those moves open ended. In the games, they gave specific categories to balance out the gameplay. However, in the anime, we saw Cilan teach Chili's Pansear with his Pansage on how to use Solar Beam. Normally, Solar Beam must be taught by TM, not by Move Tutor, which is what we see when we watch the episode. However, if a Pokemon, a teacher, knows a move and can use it in a similar or the same fashion as another Pokemon it is teaching, then the student Pokemon may learn it.


I'll have to add this in later after I make it more streamlined in explanation and when I'm on my laptop. Trying to edit my first post on my phone chugs it so bad. XD

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@Merciless_Medic I did and I didn't xD If that makes sense. I got the notif when you responded and I started writing my post the other day. Still working on it now, actually, as well as three other pieces of writing that make up schoolwork and creativite fiction 😅 So, I will most definitely have something done today :) 

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