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Hi all! On DC's social media sites and most other parts of the Internet, I go by the names Redd or H3NB4N3 (pronounced "henbane" for those not familiar with leetspeak). Pleased to meet you!


I started playing Dragcave two or three years ago, but after a long hiatus, I recently made a new scroll and have been working on catching up on getting all the dragons that were released while I haven't been around.


Some of my favorite breeds include Omen Wyrms, Pipio Pygmies, and Storm-Rider and Script Dragons -- however, I love and adore all the dragons DC has to offer, and my ultimate goal is to get at least one female/male pair from every breed. I prefer CBs so I can breed and make my own lineages rather than getting dragons from someone else's -- I'm really new to a lot of the lingo and breeding methods people seem to favor, especially the bit about getting dragons bred from specific pairings, but hopefully I can learn and catch up as time goes on.


Thanks for reading my intro if you did, and I hope everyone is staying safe and having a good Easter! <3

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Hello and welcome back! My favorite dragons are Guardians, Red-Finned Tidals, Almeralds, Glaucus Drakes, and Geminae. :) 

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