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2020-04-12 - Festival of Eggs Begins!

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3 minutes ago, TheDarkLatias said:

Maybe the admins will take pity on us? I feel you- I had to work for pretty much every day this week.

I'm an essential worker too (Homecare Nurse). I guess we'll get an extension if we're particularly lucky lol.

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8 hours ago, Aleoleo said:


Yay, your egg was my absolute favorite this year, thanks for the cute background story! ❤ (I love that it's a reference that I actually get lol)

I did think it might be the Moon, but didn't think of Aurax. It also reminded me of howlite stones.


Anyway, thank you for submitting your art! And sorry you don't get to see it in your own basket... T_T

Well, I had no idea how Aurax's patterns looked, so I just had to use the one I could see outside my window instead. ;)


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Since the event is over, I'll go ahead and close this. Thank you TJ and everyone who submitted!

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