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Do *You* Have A Spriter's Alt Lineage?

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I was surprised when there wasn't a thread for this. Anyways, I noticed that I have a Waterhorse with Jewel in her lineage, so I wanted to open this.

I wonder, who got oEhGz? That Magi dragon has Jewel in their lineage.


What is a Spriter's Alt?

A spriter's alt is a recolored Holiday or Prize dragon given to the spriter. These dragons cannot produce offspring of their coloration, though having one of the dragons with lineage to one is a nice thing. Example: Jewel is a blue Shimmer-scale, given to Mysfytt. Jewel only produces silver Shimmer-scale eggs, though.


Anyone can request one, though I prefer you use this form.


Scroll Name:

Message Link:(A link to PM you)

Why do you want one?:

Specifications that must be met?


People who give, fill this out.


Giftee's Scroll Name:


Specifications met?:


Discussions are open!

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