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I decided to create this on a whim after I decided how powerful I wanted a character from an RP I made for another site to potentially be. This fight will be after a year or so of training within the school and she takes on a random villain I made up on the spot. It is rather violent, so if you are squeamish, don't read.


As the sun shone down on the streets below in a suburban metropolis, two figures could be seen. A young girl and an older man, having some sort of a standoff on an empty street. The area had been evacuated, leaving the buildings empty. The generator was turned off, leaving no power in this part of the city’s grid. This was going to be a fight like no other.

The young dark-skinned girl with amber eyes and short black hair looked on at the imposing figure before her, who was much taller and who appeared to be much stronger than her in muscular build. She wore a black tank top, black shorts, and black sneakers. She didn’t need anything else. This was it. This was her chance to shine. All the training she had to do, all the obstacles her and her dragon went through getting here, and this was it. She can go all out. She didn’t have to worry about anything. This was something that both of her sides unanimously agreed on. They can be as destructive as they want.

The older man, with short black hair and red eyes and pale skin, smirked at the youngling before him. He wore black combat boots, a red and black spandex suit that had a huge letter T in the middle outlined in white and colored in grey. He even had black gloves. She couldn’t hold that much power. Surely not. Her quirk was no match for his. If he defeated her, he can get her quirk, just like all the others before her who thought they were able to defeat him. They called him the Taker.

His underestimating thoughts about the young woman’s power were going to be snuffed.

The young girl popped her knuckles and her neck as she smirked. She didn’t need words to tell him anything. He was about to speak when she began to transform. The thing she transformed into was much smaller than her human frame. A black dragon with purple membranes on her wings, deep purple belly scales, long spines, a barbed tail, and glowing amber eyes that conveyed ferocity. But she was no bigger than a young pitbull. Her muscles rippled with power as she got in her battle ready stance that looked similar to a hunting feline’s.

This was her quirk? No, that can’t be. She looked too cute to fight. The older man just laughed at her size before a sudden pain in his belly could be felt. He looked down to see the dragon had suddenly appeared and headbutted his stomach before jumping away quickly. He couldn’t even react to her attacking him. Who was this girl?

The girl back flipped away and landed on the ground before dashing quickly side to side. This was something she took from one of her partners. She moved so quickly she had made three afterimages of herself. The man was obviously confused. Was this dragon faster and stronger than normal? Could it train past the human’s limitations and become a beast to deal with? Whatever the case was, she was now a threat.

Now the fight truly began.

The man flashed red beams of light from his eyes at the three afterimages, burning the concrete beneath to a crisp before stopping. She wasn’t there. She had moved so fast, that she was now behind him. She grabbed a hold of his back with sharp claws and teeth, biting into his spine. Her tail drove its sharp tip into the man’s lower back, right on the spine. If she knew anything about anatomy, the most concentration of nerves was on the back, especially near the spine and even more so down on the lower back. Stabbing the man’s back countless times, she bit hard on the foe’s spine while her four sets of claws began shredding him.

Now in massive amounts of pain, the man tried to grab at her from the top, but couldn’t reach her. As he was about to grab her from the side, she jumped upward and did a forward flip, her spines coming into contact with the man’s head before she quickly spun around and kicked off of his chest as she fell downwards, causing a massive gash all the way down from his forehead to his chest. Gliding about, she banked around until she found a street light and grabbed a hold of it as she looked at her damage. The man’s wounds were slowly healing, from the four sets of deep gashes on his back, to the possible nerve damage and numerous holes on his lower back, to the large holes in his spine from the bite, and finally the line down his forehead to his chest. Sighing, she would need to deal lots of damage and fast.

She leapt off of the pole as the man pointed at her, a bolt of lightning arcing from his fingertip to the streetlight and the pole bent from the force of the energy hitting it, showering the metal in sparks as it fell over. Now, the black and purple dragon was encircling him quickly. He tried smashing his foot down on the ground, sending massive rocks of concrete interlaced with metal bars from wires and sewer systems up at the woman-dragon-thing, but she expertly made a u-turn and began encircling him the other way. Now, the man was getting mad. Because she was so small, it was getting hard to actually hit her.

Now it was time to get him into her comfort zone: tight spaces. She abandoned him and began flying through the alleys and empty streets, even going through homes as their windows and doors were kept open. The man pursued, his super speed catching up to her several times, but her quick maneuverability always distanced herself from him as she ducked underneath slightly open windows, flying through vents when she had to, and generally finding any small space or hole to fly through, causing the Taker to find another way to her. He always caught up to her though. This cat-and-mouse chase was starting to feel like this was a set up the longer the Taker chased, and he was right. She was leading him to a large sewage drain that could let a six foot tall person stand comfortably inside. Of course, the man was a little more than six feet.

This was Drayda’s time to shine.

As the dragon lady flew in the tunnel, she suddenly transformed back to normal and fell to the wet concrete below on all fours as she spun around. Her wings and tail were kept out as her fist turned into the same draconic fist, just now proportionally accurate to her body. The man flew right into her, expecting her to stop and had plowed right through her. This caught Drayda off guard and sent her to the ground again. The Taker stopped his pursuit and walked over at the now prone girl, smirking with bloodlust.

But that smirk will be no more as her tail suddenly grabbed the man around his ankle. He attempted to zap it off with some electricity, but her tail suddenly pierced right through his heel. Yelling out in pain, the man crumpled forward, who was then met with a sudden swift kick to the face as the woman used her acrobatic skills to go from laying on her back to being on her feet in a sudden flip. Using her tail, she pulled the man towards her as her hands turned into scaly clawed hands and she scratched the man quickly, rending his chest to shreds. She could see the skin and muscle slowly trying to heal back, but she wasn’t going to let this happen.

Keeping the tail inside of her foe’s heel and keeping him rooted to the ground as she spun her tail around a bit to cause even more pain, her flurry of claws kept him from being able to do much of anything else. As soon as he was about to lift a finger, she would immediately attack his arm. As soon as he was about to look at something, she punched him in the face. As soon as he was about to use his other foot for an attack, she pulled her tail back, causing the man to lose balance and fall into the flurry of claws even more.

A few minutes went by of constant attacks, and the Taker was getting desperate. He focused his power in his body and spikes jut forth from his skin, causing some damage to her as she was sent back and released the hold she had on his ankle. Looking down at her wounds, she could see holes caused by the spikes on her belly, chest, and arms. Wincing in pain, she had enough. She had been using him as a scratching pole, and it was time to end this.

She grabbed a hold of his other ankle, and pulled him forward. He anticipated this and was about to punch her with super strength and speed, but her wing came down on his arm, fracturing it, and her other wing came around to connect with his head, sending him into the concrete wall. Dazed, he couldn’t do much as he was then dragged about the large concrete pipe, the young woman used her super dragon strength and slammed his body all over the place like a ragdoll. Her tail, being the brunt of the carrier, would occasionally stab him or slip him right over her back where her spines awaited, or pulled him to her as she let loose another flurry of bashing and swipes from her wings and claws.

The man then exploded in a fit of energy, causing Drayda to get pushed back into the concrete wall. She tried to get away, but the man had enough. He was too badly beaten to regenerate, but he had one other quirk he copied: Pain Transference.

He held her arm as he began to torture her, the pain he felt from the last several minutes of getting beaten by her flowed through her arm and around her entire body, causing her body to spasm and an involuntary bloodcurdling scream could be heard as she doubled over. She fell to the ground, unable to do anything. The man just stood there, chuckling to himself before he kicked her over, sending her a few feet away as she was still in a fetal position, screaming to herself as her body began to show all the damage the Taker had accumulated from the fight.

Now it was over. He stepped on her tail to keep her from doing anything while his wounds slowly healed. The woman looked up at the man with pain in her eyes before something else arose. A kind of primal ferocity he hadn’t really seen before. It felt intimidating to be stared at like that. Her screaming persisted, but now she was active. Her dragon side took over while the human side was taking all the pain.

The dragon wrapped her tail around the man’s leg and pulled him, causing him to slightly lose his balance. She then got up in a hunched posture and the woman turned half dragon and half human, her legs and arms turning into that of the dragon, and scales sprout about her entire body. As the Taker stood back up, he was met with a very swift punch to the face as the hybrid used her own momentum to jump over and behind him, and then landed another sickening blow, open-clawed, on his lower back, sending him horizontal in the air. She then stabbed his back with her tail to keep him in the air before spinning about in a front flip to spike the man down to the concrete below, causing a crack in the concrete from where he landed. She then grabbed the Taker and threw him out of the pipe with one throw. He smacked his head onto a rebar, dazing him.

Before he could do anything, he was met with another punch to the face. She had dashed out as quick as she could, still screaming bloody murder as her body pummeled him against the hard ground. She used whatever she could to hurt him. Her teeth, spines, wings, claws, feet, tail - anything she could use as a weapon that was on her body, she used.

After a few moments of this, she took a step back, breathing heavily from the exertion and the screaming, which had ceased. Looking on at the horrid site before her, the Taker couldn’t be made out anymore. A weak voice could be heard from the seemingly fleshy mass. A single question. “Who are you?”

The hybrid scoffed before smirking. “I don’t need a name. I will be known as ‘The Dragon’.”

The man, who was now regaining some strength due to his regenerative abilities, was about to stand up before the young woman grabbed his head and smashed him repeatedly into the rebar. Looking about, she could see ripped spandex and blood everywhere, from her and from her enemy. Now that the man was down, the authorities can take him away and lock him up.

For now, she had a school to attend to.

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Just something I found while rummaging through my Documents. It's quite an interesting read, and it's been in there for about a few years. Pardon the grammar issues, I fixed up as much as I could comprehend. It's got to do with Pokemon.


“Crap! I’m going to be late!”
A young woman springs out of bed and searches frantically for professional clothes to wear. Since she likes clothes that are casual or that can breathe, she doesn’t really have any clothes that look like she’s ready for an interview. She has a dress, which she found in the depths of her closet, but she worries that it would look too classy.
“Oh well… This will have to do… It would probably bring him back in time, though,” she jokes, and made herself chuckle.
She slips on the dress and brushes her long, mid-back, wavy black hair with pale purple and pink bangs madly to get all the snarls and bed-hair out. She then slaps on her deodorant and quickly brushes her teeth. She runs downstairs and nearly trips. A male, taller than her with red hair sticking up in waves, catches her and chuckles.
“What are you doing, Shadara?” his deep voice resonates out of his chest.
“I’m going to an interview with Professor Oak in Pallet Town. What does it look like?”
“It looks like you are going to an ancient ball,” he laughs. “Where’s your man? The professor?” he teased, his red-colored eyes that have cool, dark blue specks in his eyes, glint in the living room light.
“Oh, shut the hell up, Pyros,” she said, irritated, even though she did smile a little at the thought since it was so silly.
“Are you going to eat breakfast? Or are you running too late to have a little bit?”
“I could eat some, but I have to wolf it down like a hungry Hippowdon.”
Pyros chuckles and takes his time to go to the dining room, while he sees Shadara run into the room to sit in her seat right beside their brother, who’s as tall as Pyros and has spiky, yellow hair sticking out in all kinds of angles.
Their mother, who was seated at the end of the table, looks at Shadara’s dress and smiles. “Don’t you look gorgeous? Where are you going, Shade?” her pink hair with light pink highlights shine in the light cast from the morning sun through the window, and her silver eyes glint out of curiosity.
“I’m going to an interview with Professor Oak. He wants me there by 9 o’clock in the morning to ask me questions.”
“What time is it now?”
Shade didn’t even have to look at the clock to know. “It’s 8:50 and 15 seconds and counting.”
Their mother chuckles. “Alright then, Hoothoot. Eat up before you leave.”
Shade didn’t have to be told twice and she began to swallow her food, not even waiting to taste it.
Her brother she’s sitting next to watches in awe. “I’ve never seen you eat so fast.”
She gives him a look with her eyes half-lidded, almost like she’s saying, “I’m rushing. No duh.”
Her brother just chuckles and continues eating his food a little fast, as if he can’t contain his energy. Pyros comes walking in and dies of laughter has he sees Shade wolfing down her food, and he crumples to the ground and doubles over, laughing this uncharacteristic high-pitched laughter. Their brother with the yellow hair, Stror (pronounced Stir-roar, but you roll the first ‘r’), hears the laughter and nearly chokes on his own food from breathing in to laugh. He swallows his food so he doesn’t start choking on it and then he begins to laugh, and this cackling-like sound is what resonates from him. He quickly regains his composure with a wide grin on his face and his bright yellow eyes, one with reddish-brown specks and the other with silver specks, glint in the dining room light, and you can tell he’s laughing in the inside. Pyros finally regains his composure and gets up, holding his stomach. He sits by Stror, but leaves a gap between them for another person.
A guest, who came over a week ago because he needed help for his Pokémon, asked Shade and her 6 siblings why they sit like that. Shade answered, without uncertainty, that they sit the way they do because they find it easier to do things from oldest to youngest, even in seating arrangements. From oldest to youngest, there’s Pyros, Miel, Stror, Shadara, Catrina, Lorenza, and Poito. The guest asked how old they are apart. Pyros, Miel, Stror, and Shade said, at the same time, that they are quadruplets, and that they are 9 months older than their other 2 sisters, the twins Catrina and Lorenza. Catrina and Lorenza then replied that they are older than Poito 9 months, as well. The guest, to say the least, was astounded that he met a quadruplet and a pair of twins in the same family, on the same day. The guest became interested and asked about what their favorite types are, and which type they will use in a gym, or on their adventure in general. Pyros replied with Fire and Dragon types; Miel replied with Water and Ice types; Stror with Electric, Fighting, and Steel types; Shade with Psychic, Ghost, and Dark types; Catrina with Grass, Ground, and Rock types; Lorenza with Normal, Flying, and Fairy types; and Poito with Poison and Bug types. Shade then said that she would be like her mother, Lyria, and collect all 803 Pokémon, plus all their Mega Evolutions and different forms. She also wants to collect all the male and female variants, all the regular and shiny variants, and get all the abilities of each species (3 abilities for Farfetch’d = 3 Farfetch’d, each with different abilities).
This guest kept asking all these questions and kept getting all of these cool answers. This guest, a researcher working with Professor Oak, went back to the professor and told him about the Darastrix Family, a family living in a completely different part of the world – with places for all the Pokémon to live – and that it is accessible if you fly high enough over mountains to be taken to their ranch if you're in the area, or if you go with the Darastrix kids into a kind of portal, powered by their Psychic-Type Pokémon that is at the base of any mountain range. Since Professor Oak doesn’t have any Pokémon to go that high, he decided to send a Pidgey with a letter over there, and hope that the Pokémon powering the portal lets the little bird Pokémon through. The letter saying that the family is invited to go, and that one or all of them can go, but they must meet up with him at his laboratory in Pallet Town, Kanto.

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