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Greetings From Another Portion of the Interwebz

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Yes, you saw that title right. I have the same name (somewhat) in another site, so I'm all used to forums (especially roleplaying). It is the Dragon raising that I'll need help on (yes, that's me asking for a mentor, but I'll go on the actual mentor thread to ask it).


For more personal details, I am female, I'm old enough to drink, live PST (GMC -8) in the US, I have a 6 month old daughter at the time of this post and a fiancé, and I love absolutely anything and everything that has to do with dragons and Pokemon and roleplaying. I am mainly here to have fun, make friends, and finally have the courage to play this site's game with the dragons after finding this site several years ago, but not having the experience of being on forums to actually get on here.


That was long-winded. XD But anyway, if anyone has any questions for me (not about this site, but about other things) then don't be afraid to ask me. :)

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