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Pixel Pony Club - A forum based HARPG/Collectible game

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For a few weeks I've been working on a forum that is somewhat a cross between a HARPG and the adoptable/breedable/collectible communities I have always admired and been a part of. 


If you were ever a member of the old  MSPaint and hand-drawn Geocities/forum adoptables I highly recommend giving us a go!
If you're a fan of dA's HARPG community but like me have been a little intimidated then I would also love for you to pop by :)


In this game you can collect, train, trade, show and breed ponies of different rarities!
It is a slow, relaxed paced game based on a friendly community with an appreciation for the little things (literally), there is no quick "pay to win" aspect of this game, everyone starts off at the same level, and your stables and collection will grow depending on your play level!


The game is completely free and uses a currency system of sugar cubes (SC), you get a starting balance when you join.


For the grand opening there are three active events, two free raffles and a sale!
So far the community is small, but I am keen to hear from everyone that checks it out, and I hope you'll stick around too!
If you've read all this and are ready to check it out you can click the forum link!

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