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I'm Opal and I joined only maybe... an hour ago?

If you could, please give me some tips about Dragon Cave.

I'd love others to introduce themselves to me if they'd like!

-Opalfirelight 🔥


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Hello and welcome, I'm purpledragonclaw, or PDC for short. :) 


My tips:


1. Add your dragons to fansites, they'll get the views they need to hatch and grow up that way. Clicks are good because they're worth a lot of views, but dragons can grow up without them. I use Allure of Neglected Dragons, Silvi's Lair, and Valley Sherwood. If you mix and match, you'll find a balance you like. 


2. Do not let your dragons get views if they are too young, it increases the chance of them getting sick (softshell) and dying. I keep my dragons fogged until they're close to 6d left, usually 6d9h or less, before adding them. For holidays, when fansites get increased traffic, I wait even longer, not adding them until they're at least 5d23h left. 


Have fun!

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


You may get some basic information at site help page if you already didn't visited yet :) 

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