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ANSWERED:Hi please help me

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Hello dear sir ! I require some help, you see I wanted, well I wanted to join the wonderful contest that is happening on your beautiful website, I did my egg, and then I wanted to upload it, but I faced a problem, I do not know, I repeat I do not know how to upload the "Insert image from URL" I tried many websites, such as, imgur, and urhghh that's all actually, I tried and then I gave up, because I am a busy human being and I do human stuff such as drinking liquids and eating , ok I am sorry gentle man I urhghh I am not myself because I might have some malicious stuff in my mind right now so how I was saying, I don't know how to upload my egg, I am sorry please help me I want to submit my egg thank you for reading this mess


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A title that describes the problem is more useful than "help". For example: "cant upload images". 


I'm not a spriter, but I believe for previous contests, one suggestion was to upload it to a new topic BUT without posting it, here.  I'm not 100% how that works, but you might also be able to load into your notes section under account. 


Edit, checking the previous thread, I dont see better directions.

Start a post/topic

Upload the image


Image is now on the site and can be linked to, by using the link to the draft post.

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You can share your imgur URL in the private message to the account listed in the news thread. Just copy and paste the link that shows the image and it should automatically switch to a picture. 

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You can also begin a reply to any thread, and click choose files... under the typing field. Then upload your png directly to the forum, insert it into post by clicking the plus on the picture, and then right click and copy/paste the rich text image into a message. Make sure not to actually post a reply to the thread you do this on, because it might post your egg as an attachment and show everyone. XD


Edit: oh, or just delete the attachment before posting by pressing the trashcan on the image, that works too.

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well time to try I guess, thanks for the replies guys ! thank you a lot


edit : I did it thank you so so so much !

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