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Dragon Cave tracker

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Velveteenlion and I created a Dragon Cave Checklist that you can use to keep track of your scroll collection! 


To use, go to:  


Then go to File -> Make a copy, and start editing your own checklist on the second tab. (Scroll Tracking) 

Happy dragon tracking! 


If you have questions you can contact us on discord at: ~❀~#3316 and Aeonaran#3589 respectively. 🐉

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I don't see a huge use for this, seeing as... that's what our scroll is? For? I'll leave this up, but since there's not much discussion to be had here, I'm going to lock the thread.


PM me if you have any questions. I think we're going to avoid singular 'I made a google doc' threads as they're going to get spammy but maybe there's a place for a collection of fan-made docs.

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