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Hello there!

It feels kind of nostalgic to be back here. I had an account back in... 2010, I think it might've been. Back then, I was not aware there was a forum in which we could post and help each other. As a result, I could hardly get any views and/or clicks in order to hatch my dragons, since a lot of people weren't really keen on clicking on unknown links. I felt really bad for all the failed hatches and quit, decided to stalk the wiki and the forums, since I have always had a soft spot for sprite art and DragCave really features some incredible sprites. Anyhow, I am back. Decided to adopt an abandoned egg as my first act here, to somehow repent for my previous eggs. Please lend a hand! I am sort of a collector so i might just shoot for collecting all of the dragons I can get my hands on. 


~eggspam removed~

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Hello and welcome! While we're not allowed to post our eggs and dragons with our posts, you can add them to your signature to get them views! You can use this thread for your eggs and dragons that have more than 4d left, and this thread for your eggs and dragons that have less than 4d. You can also add them to fansites so they get the views they need to hatch and grow up; here is the list of fansites you can choose from. I use Valley Sherwood, Allure of Neglected Dragons, and Silvi's Lair. Have fun!

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