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Let dragons ‘forget’ past mates

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I have had a mini crack down on lineages, and have been making proper pairs for checkers. Since, I have been constantly running into the problem of clicking on old mates before I did checkers because they are higher up on the list. Or, because I am on the phone, I misclick and then generate an annoying problem of the wrong mate constantly popping up. 


This constant annoyance makes me release them, but thats not a good answer for certain cases where you misclick and its a special lineage. 

Can we please have some way of ‘forgetting’ an old mate so this stops happening. A BSA or ability to stop us clicking the wrong mate, even something to reorganise the dragons on the breed page. 


Sorry if its already been suggested, I couldnt find it on here. Thanks. 

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I think you want this thread (and possibly the threads linked in the second comment).



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