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ANSWERED:Marketplace Error

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Whenever I try to purchase eggs in the Marketplace, it takes me as far as the confirmation screen:

"You are about to purchase a Floret Wyvern for 400. This is non-refundable—and the egg will not be protected against sickness, cannot be traded, and will list 'Market' as its location."

Only when I select "Buy" I get an error message, reading "An error has occurred." with a little headstone next to it.

I purchased a few different types of eggs months ago with no issue, but now there seems to be something wrong.

Has anyone had this issue before? I've tried purchasing a few different types of eggs today with the same result.


(cannot post screenshots since the computer's system settings are in a different language and I don't know how)

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I get the same error too. I decided to test out what Kleng said they got, and tried to buy a Seasonal Dragon (Winter) but got this following exchange. 


Is this related to the problem with the biomes?? (Which has a separate help thread...)


Edit: Despite clicking on the buy option for the same egg two separate times. I got nothing. I hope it doesn't reset itself and land me with two surprise Seasonal Winter eggs out of the blue due to my multiple clicks... My total amount of shards has been uneffected by the clicking on the buy option as well. 



dragoncave marketplace error.png

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Information Update.

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This (and other transient issues with biomes not populating, etc) should be fixed by now, so I'm closing this out.


If you're still experiencing any issues, please open a new thread, which will make it obvious that there is a new set of issues.

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