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ANSWERED:Stuck in quest, can't progress.

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I've given up on the weeding, hoping to come back after the cat; and I've sneaked out of the forest, hoping to find something more than "kitty-kitty" to coax the cat down. These two instances of backtracking have broken the quest paths.


Now I can't go back to the garden, nor into the forest. All I can do is try to steal Magnanimous' bugs (and get a whole 2 ==> arrows in one place), get yet another chocobug and "start a new chapter", which is the same Groundhog day all over again (I wish for chocolate in some parts like I've never tried to steal/buy any, walk the dog in some parts, search for the cat in others, but can't actually succeed in anything).

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Yep, thanks. Got as far as the tail end of the story (though noticed that the bulletin board is not quite as empty as it states, I can still get closer and put yet another flier into my fat flierbook), started over, hopefully won't break things again :D

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