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Brimstone Army

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im new (kinda) and want to start a pure bred lineage for brimstone dragons 


  • no bullying or harmful speech 
  • no free for all hatchies or eggs (its annoying)
  • please keep most talking on topic 
  • no mini moding 
  • if youre going to request dont all want one of my original brimstones eggs i only have 2 pairs and they dont always breed
  • i will most likely not get to you immediatly im a person too 
  • keep inbreeding to a minimum
  • i do not do hatchie trades or special lineages (e.g stairstep spiral etc) so please dont ask for them 
  • dont request 2g eggs from me or any one breeding eggs from the originals (unless the breeders say they will do 2g breeding)
  • no trading cave born eggs you can get them and breed your own brimstone lineage but dont trade cave born eggs 
  • it is recommended you become a breeder before you start breeding eggs for people (its easier to manage)



request form:


I want an egg

forum name:

scroll name:

scroll link:

message link:

will you accept a messy lineage:

will you accept an inbred:

do you want one from the originals:

(optional) specific conditions:


example of it completed:


I want an egg

forum name: randodandoperson

scroll name: totalrandomperson

scroll link: <---Can be found on your scroll page

message link: (how to get it will be said below)

will you accept a messy lineage: yes/no

will you accept an inbred: yes/no

do you want one from the originals: yes/no

(optional) specific conditions: (example) 3g stairstep 


How Do I Get My Message Link??

Your Message link:
What is it? This is a link that will send someone to a Message which is already addressed to you.
How to get it

1) At the bottom of any of your posts there is a “Message” button. It is blue and says the word message with a little envelope picture next to it. Click on this button, then in the screen that opens copy the URL address that is in the address bar at the top of your browser. Then simply paste this in the Message LINK line of the request form.

2) Click on your name to go to your profile. At the top you will see a blue message button with an envelope picture next to it. Right click this and copy the url in the url bar at the top of the window. Paste this in the Message Link line.

3) Use your member number at the end of this url: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=
*your member number can be found under your avatar in any of your posts


How Do I Get My Scroll Link??

To find your scroll link, go onto your scroll page, find the writing 'If you would like to show your scroll to others, give them the following link:' and copy the link written in the white box underneath.
After that simply paste the URL into the Scroll Link line.
Please note that your request form MUST include this link! Simply putting “its in my signature” or “its the same as my forum name” is not acceptable!



breeder form:

I want to be a breeder!

Forum Name

Scroll Link: 

Have you read ALL the rules and feel like you understand them?

Why would you like to become a breeder?: 



If you gift a dragon please let us know using the gift reporting, Just make a post like this: Example: rando76 ---> bob22  .  Do not quote the request post!

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