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Hello! ♡

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Hello there!! I've been wanting to join this website for awhile but I couldn't remember the name. Fortunately, I found it via Pokefarm, so I'm here now ❤️


Anyways, onto the introduction!


It's nice to meet you all! I'm Emikomo, though you guys can call me Emi, Emiko, or Erin. I turned 16 about a month ago, and I resident in the U.S. I'm Panromantic Pansexual, and I identify as Non-Binary(So They/Them pronouns are preferred, but She/her and He/Him are fine as well). ^^


Some Fun Facts about me:

- My main language is English, but I'm currently learning French.

- I've had a passion for mythical creatures ever since I was 7.

- I love watching anime!

- I've been a digital artist for about 5 years and an animator for 1.


I look forward to interacting with you all <33

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