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So, current leaderboard for M1 would be - 


1: purplehaze - MMM7g - 9000

2: Ruby Eyes - MMIXv - 8036


Did I missed someone else?

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As I already said, there are four secret bingos active. Two of them can be found on previous bingo list and other two can be found from some images.

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Found some more

Round 1

Regular Bingos

R2. Lineage that has at least four variants of Valentine breeds.



Cascade Bingos

C1a. Valentine lineage that has at least 1 spriter's alt. (1pt)

C1b. Valentine lineage that has at least 3 spriter's alt. (2pts)

C1c. Valentine lineage that has at least 6 spriter's alt. (3pts)

(only valentine's will count, inbreeding will count as one.)


 Round 2

Regular Bingos

R4. Lightning-element checker lineage
Closet I could find

R5. Anything has two 2's in their code. (2 points if it is two-headed)

R6. PB BSA Lineage

Competitive Bingos

M1. Find roman number from code of anything from your scroll. (It should be connected and all same case.) Then multiply it with its length. (minimum 2)


(e.g. iivxt -> iv * 2 = 8; CMZmM -> CM * 2 = 1800) (I'll use converting rule from here. For example, I won't count IIII as 4.)

Who get most highest value will get 2 points, and second highest will get 1. (If there are tie occurs on first place, all of them will get 1 points.)


MCCau=MCC =1200
1200*3= 3600

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I was hoping one lightning breed would do. I don't think I do.

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There are three secrets remaining active. You are able to find those at first page of this thread. You may need to change font to fixed-width font.

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