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02 09 14 07 15

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1 hour ago, Rememberdrgns said:

C1c. Valentine lineage that has at least 6 spriter's alt. (3pts)Bingo

I found only one valentine SA soΒ I'll count it as C1a instead.

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Round 2

Regular Bingos

R4. Lightning-elementΒ checker lineage BINGO with goop

R5. Anything has two 2's in their code. (2 points if it is two-headed) BINGO

R6. PB BSA Lineage BINGO

Competitive Bingos
It will take some time, I will post it later.


Tricky Bingos

T1. Solve this puzzle and PM me the breed that pointing at. You don't need any additional information. (3pts) PM sent

Happy birthdayπŸ˜†

Hope you have a nice day!


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