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I missed it, but what in the world does neutral-elemented mean?

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Oh, neutral. From that misspelling, I assumed "natural" and was wondering about that ...


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Looks like you misplaced something. Classic bingo should form the full line XD

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Round 1

Regular Bingos

R1. Prize dragon that has any Valentine breed offspring. Bingo

R2. Lineage that has at least four variants of Valentine breeds. Bingo

R3. Sweetling that has 'sw' in their code(any case).


Cascade Bingos

C1c. Valentine lineage that has at least 6 spriter's alt. (3pts)Bingo

F6: Bingo

I could’ve sworn I clicked to follow the thread. Thanks for the tag.

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S2 was Day Glory Drake. Don't ask me why, it's gone anyway XD

Here is Round 2. With some batch of extras!

BTW, today is my birthday :lol:


Round 2

Regular Bingos

R4. Lightning-element checker lineage

R5. Anything has two 2's in their code. (2 points if it is two-headed)

R6. PB BSA Lineage


Competitive Bingos

M1. Find roman number from code of anything from your scroll. (It should be connected and all same case.) Then multiply it with its length. (minimum 2)


(e.g. iivxt -> iv * 2 = 8; CMZmM -> CM * 2 = 1800) (I'll use converting rule from here. For example, I won't count IIII as 4.)

Who get most highest value will get 2 points, and second highest will get 1. (If there are tie occurs on first place, all of them will get 1 points.)


Tricky Bingos

T1. Solve this puzzle and PM me the breed that pointing at. You don't need any additional information. (3pts)


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