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The Caves of Valley Paradise

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Welcome to Valley Paradise, the mountains above Poly Village, where many dragon trainers live, socialize, share stories, and even pit their (willing) dragons against each other in friendly but aggressive combat (think of Pokèmon or Digimon). Each and every one of these mountains has its own unique cave system that is home to all the trainers' dragons. Recently, there has been a disturbance that nobody (human or dragon) can recognize. Some think it could be the legendary Lagmonster, but you? 

Put as much in-character drama here as you like unless someone is super uncomfortable with it. Also, if you would like to talk about fiction in-character, you can simply say that the fiction in question is a book or a book series. I use it when I want to make video game references in my dragon descriptions XD


In this RP, all you have to do to sign up is post your scroll link and a description of your human character! You can role play as any one of your dragons, but please either write in third person or differentiate between which characters you’re posting as in one post! Your human character can be named after your forum username, your scroll, or have a unique name not related to Dragon Cave, just don’t make it your real name.  

My scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/BubbytheLightDragon 

My human character: Bubby Aurora is a short-tempered, brave woman who seeks to collect the strongest and most beautiful breeds of dragon. However, when she accidentally collects a dragon she dislikes, she tends to make irrational decisions such as killing the dragon, much to her other dragons' disturbance. Luckily, they forgive her for it and some even accept that it is in her nature to do this. Once, she disappeared and left her dragons on their own, but recently she came back after realizing something was wrong. However despite the strange occurrences, she still collects and raises dragons she finds interesting or pretty. She will also grab abandoned hatchlings on sight. She treats all of her dragons like family.




I yawned loudly before getting up out of bed and going to check on the dragons. They seemed fine, so I checked around for the Littles. Otton and DM Wrap were asleep in a pile, which was cute. It was saddening that they couldn’t be mates because of their species difference, but they still showed each other love. FAM EX EF and Lloydd were getting ready to go for a flight and stretch their wings. 

"Hey! Don’t go for our morning flight without me!" I exclaimed, running towards Lloydd and getting on his back. 

"Oh, morning Bubby! I didn’t think you were awake!" FAM replied. 

Chuckling, we took off. 

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