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ANSWERED:Document downloads when trying to influence?

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Everytime I open the influence action on a pink, I get a notice that a certain document is downloaded.

At first, it asked if I wanted to download, but now it doesn't even ask that anymore. It just downloads.

When I delete the file, and I open an influence window... "File downloaded."

Something 'Mobly_checker_...'

Does anyone know what that is and why I suddenly get this?


I've closed every tab I had open. Even the non dc-related. And only when I influence, (or incubate) it does it again...



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I have no idea what it is, but I would strongly suggest you download and run adwcleaner,




and if that doesn't' fix it, malwarebytes.




Both are free.


The only mobly I can find seems to be a Belgian auto-insurance company with a lot to say about electric cars. But there is a rather sinister looking Nepali facebook page

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Thanks a lot! I think it helped because it stopped :)


Yeah, and the fact that it didn't even ask me anymore, if I wanted to download, but just did it instead, had me worried even more.

And the weirdest part: it only happened on the actions page! Even if I only had one OPEN! Didn't even have to do anything...


This may be closed 😊 Thanks again!

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Hang on to those programmes. They are often SO valuable !

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