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*kirby hi sound effect*

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I'm Metaknee, but you can call me Met. I came from Chicken Smoothie.

Everyone and their dog on CS has a Dragon Cave account, so I made one as well!

I also joined Flight Rising for the same reason. As you can tell by my username and

the title of this post, I'm a massive Kirby fan. After I watched the anime, I fell

in love with Meta Knight and my life changed forever.

I love sites themed around dragons - they bring back Nightwood nostalgia! Yes,

I used to play Nightwood back in 2012-2013. The site shat down due to outdated coding,

but they're gonna make Nightwood 2. Can't wait for it! When it comes out, I'll get all

my old dragons back, get a Meta Knight dragon, because I have to own/make a

Meta Knight in every collectible game I play (I have 2 MK dogs on CS, one of them is an

Evil PPS, which is my most valuable pet), and relive all the memories from the days when I

had no clue what a Kirby is! Seriously, I can't believe there was a time when I didn't know

Kirby was a thing... Kirby and/or Meta Knight are almost GUARANTEED to appear in my dreams!

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