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What really stupid thing makes you SO happy?

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18 hours ago, Pliskin said:

That is stunning! If you need some 2nd gens. I can help out a bit ^^




This also makes me stupidly happy, firstly, you like it, secondly you have offered to help!


I have actually started to build a base to take it to 9G.  It might take a few years  yet though as I still need 28 more CB dragon pairs 😱😂🤯


will PM, thanks

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I traded a 2g dragon for someone, and now saw them put up a trade with 3g offspring from that dragon. Happy to see my babies bred forward😄

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When people enjoy what I breed :) its nice to see lineages continued and loved. I like to just breed my CB prizes and let their babies go into the AP, hopefully it makes someones day!  


Also, codes! I love finding nice codes, especially CB. Whether its an actual word or just looks cute.

My favourite find was finding this pair who share very similar codes- sOWgs vs SOwgs: 




I am so glad there was no refusal XD 

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