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The Ratio Problem - and possible solutions

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6 hours ago, Fiona said:

"No Interest" actually means they aren't refusing but are not very compatible. So if you're getting "No Interest" messages, you definitely need to switch up your pairs.


Personally, while I'd like to see something done to address the issue of certain breeds dominating any breedings involving that breed I think the ratios as they currently exist are integral to the coding. (something TJ said, which I now cannot find, left me with that impression. Obviously I could be remembering it wrong, but he has said that ratios are staying) I don't want TJ to have to recode his whole game. But I agree it shouldn't be so hard to get something other than say a script, when breeding scripts with anything. Or whichever other newer breed only breeds itself....


I get what TJ means about ratios being integral actually, but I agree that one breed shouldn't get to DOMINATE for absolutely ages as they often do. I don't know if i's "safe" to breed Carmines in checkers yet, for instance; I gave up for a long time... and I will revisit my blue-banded x moonstones some day soon; another one I gave up on.

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