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I love Terraria, it's a great game and I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you're looking for a game to coop with a friend. It's really fun, you can do whatever you want but there's also clear goals and progression if that's your kind of thing, and if you've never played before there's so many moments of "WHAT IS THAT THING?" 


Been playing the Calamity mod recently to see new stuff and get back that "what is that thing!!" feeling after playing through the base game a few times. The mod also led to a few funny bugs. For example, we summoned a boss and instead of fighting us it flew up into space, off of the map, and we watched its map icon ascend past the top of the computer screen. XD Another just very confusing one, when we were in the underworld a large chunk of water teleported onto us, and we sat there like Huhh??? While it slowly evaporated away. 

Normal Terraria isn't glitchy like this btw, it's just the mod. :) 

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