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The Holly Contest

The Holly Contest 2020!

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Alright here is the list of those who participated and their final counts in order from greatest to least: (If you do not choose before holiday breeding is over many donators are saying they are still willing to breed stuff just ask)


@PrincessLucy 578  --prize chosen

@a_god_s 327 --- prize chosen

@Mnkn10 234 ---(no response yet)

@Wahya 168 --- prize chosen

@Zhiyi1015 63 --- prize chosen

@PapaverK 49 --- has responded but unsure what they want since first choice is taken

@Iamartistic2 45 (ty ruby eyes!!!!) --- (no response yet)

@Mochi 42  -- chosen 

@elysiantea 21 --- (no response)

@Deinosaur 19 --- (no response)

@mysteriousone3 17 --- (no response)

@Kovia   9 --- chosen but waiting a few hours before giving confirmation


We need responses asap guys. If you don't want a Holly let us know some donators are willing to donate other dragons.

We are working on contacting those who offered hollies. Messages will be sent out tonight asap.

Here is the tenative list of those who have donated with the holly offspring they have potentially donated:(again working on this) 

If I have not messaged you before you get the notification feel free to message the account or post here. 


@Firefury Amahira example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/u8prm  --taken

@Kovia 2g holly mate of choice --taken 

@Kovia 2g holly mate of choice --

@Kovia 3g holly from dark green checker example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/MNtKG

@Firefury Amahira example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/q8jh5

@RAAMIsABeast 2g holly mate of choice (maybe)

@RAAMIsABeast 2g holly mate of choice (maybe)

@a_god_s (not sure of their donation)

@osean example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/8USgB

@osean example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/tBE44

@Zerhai: Group of hollies https://dragcave.net/group/146404 (have not bred any of my hollies this year yet so I am giving you guys the choice of it will put links to individual dragons in here in a bit) 


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54 minutes ago, The Holly Contest said:

@lamartistic2 45 (don't know why the link is not working)

Try a capital i instead of a lowercase L?


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Yay! Thank you!


I guess I get to pick first, so I would like The 2020 Holly Offspring from Nuhceht Decking Halls Amahira and his mate Nuhcuto Shimmering Luck Amahira,( example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/u8prm ) from Firefury Amahira! Thank you @Firefury Amahira  for the opportunity to own such a beautiful Holly.


I will keep a space open on my scroll.

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I signed up to join the contest but if you'd like a donation I haven't breed my CB Holly yet, so its possible.


Congrats on the #1 spot @PrincessLucy!


Sent my prize response :)

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Oops, kinda forgot about the Holly Contest this year with all that happened.

Hopefully next time around I can get more than 9. XD


Always happy to provide what prizes I can tho!

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Happy to report that both of my selected donations have been picked up. Congrats to the winners and to everyone who participated this year! :D

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Congratulations everyone and thank you donators and moderators! 
Hopefully I do better next time around (totally dropped off in the second half of the year OTL)


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Congrats winners!! My prizes are bred but will be sent to the winners in the morning. 

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Posted (edited)

As much as I want to I am a teacher IRL now... and super busy and as far as I can tell I am the only one interested in helping this year but there is no way I can do it alone. (note: if someone is interested in helping getting it started message me, I will help as much as I can though probably only on weekends.)

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As much as I don't want to see this project disappear, let's be real, with everything happening in the world we're all stressed and busy, and of course there's no such thing as cave blocking anymore. I will ALWAYS be interested in this and other collecting projects, because it keeps this old game interesting for me (I've lost my interest otherwise), but if everyone needs to sit this year out I understand completely and support it.

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Oh dear. I thought I was entering the 2021 contest and started a group and started collecting Blacktips.


Will there be a 2021 contest? I hope so. I have never done it before and it sounds like fun. :)

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