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DUPLICATE:Handy Holiday Cooking Spreadsheet

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I was having a hard time keeping track of what I had cooked and what I hadn't cooked, and was generally just making a mess of things - so I made myself a handy Google spreadsheet to keep it all organized, and I thought others might like it, too. I used the Holiday Cooking Wiki page, found here, to make the recipe lists.


To play with it, go to the link and select "File > Make a Copy" and copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account. I've left my copy set up so that you can see how it works. Just remove my completed recipes and copy/paste your own ingredients list into the appropriate tab, and you're good to go! I try to make things foolproof, so I've set the coded areas to warn you before you edit them, so if you get a pop-up alert just hit "Cancel" and it will undo any damage you've inadvertently done to the code.

The "Items in Stock" tab and "Completed Recipes" tab are the ONLY ones you need to edit; the rest is automatic.


There is one known issue at this time - if you have more than 9 of an ingredient, it will not detect the ingredient correctly. To work around this, just manually edit your quantity count when you paste in your list (for example, if you have 10 items, just remove the zero). Otherwise, the quantity of an ingredient has no effect on the sheet's calculations.




I don't check the forums very often, but I'll try to peek in here periodically to see if there are any questions about how it works.


Happy New Year!

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