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hi yall, i'm astrid! i came over from flight rising (i'm also sarcoline over there) and thought this was an interesting concept so i decided to check it out.

i'm 16 and my pronouns are she/her. some of my hobbies are drawing and writing - i also compete in figure skating from time to time and do roller derby. i dont really know what else to say about myself so uhh, here's my introduction post!

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On 12/31/2019 at 4:40 PM, purpledragonclaw said:

Hello and welcome! We do have a Flight Rising thread, though it hasn't been very active lately. What do you like to draw and write? 

Thank you! i'm a character designer and concept artist so that's what i mainly do. and I'll be sure to check out the thread!

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Welcome! Your hobbies all sound so neat! I hope you enjoy the forums, we have a very nice community 😊

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