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Holiday Special Scroll Limits

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Once again, I was thinking. There are so many holiday eggs in the AP, and especially around Halloween, they eventually go way down in time. And why is that? Because people breed way more eggs than they're able to raise in the short time span there is to do so. As far as I'm aware, we haven't gotten to a situation where these holiday eggs actually die, but it will only be a matter of years. 


So, what can we do about it?

  • Decrease multi-clutches. Please no!
  • Prevent eggs from going below 3 days 1 hour in the AP. A possibility, but not what I'm trying to focus on.
  • Increase our ability to raise eggs/hatchlings. Temporarily, maybe for as long as the holiday wall lasts. Or at least as long as the breeding week lasts - maybe shifted two days backwards. I mean, why not?


Let's focus on the last suggestion and how it could be implemented.

  1. The scroll limits for eggs/growing things could be raised temporarily during time affected by holiday breeds. Once again, there are several options of how limits can be increased:
    1. Giving everyone twice their normal limit (either just "growing things" overall or both eggs and hatchlings). I think this would be too hard on newer players, as the difference between "no trophy" (8/24) and platinum (16/48) would be too big.
    2. Keep egg limits the same, but increase "overall growing things" limit by a set amount for everyone, like +24 (platinum limit) for everyone. So, someone with no trophy would have a limit of 4/36, and someone with a platinum trophy would be able to take in 8/48. For obvious reasons, it would demand a lot of effort during the insta-hatchable phase of the AP for a new player to get to the limit of 36, but it's still better than to be stuck at 12 overall. This also keeps some modicum of control over mass-grabbing, as nobody could grab too many eggs at once.
    3. Increase everyone's egg limit to 8, and their overall limit by 24. Results: no trophy (8/36), platinum (8/48).
    4. Increase everyone's limits to the same amount, like 8/48.
    5. Do away with overall limits. Or at least change them to only include ungendered hatchlings, as gendered hatchlings are as good as self-sufficient. You know, this could actually become a permanent thing...


  1. So, when should the limits go up?
    1. Only during the breeding week. Not very useful, as all those incu- or insta-hatchable eggs will be there towards the end of the breeding week or up to one week later.
    2. During the breeding week + 1 extra week afterwards. This should cover all ends.
    3. Somewhere in between those: Higher limits start and end 3 days later than the actual breeding week. This should cover most cases.


  • What happens when the limits go back down, and I'm above them?
    • Nothing, really. Unless TJ has changed the code here. It's always been so that you needed to have space to acquire an egg or hatchling, but if you somehow exceeded your limit due to bugs, you wouldn't lose anything. (Unless, of course, you exceeded your breed limits - but that doesn't apply here.) In other words: Once the limits go back down, you can still keep everything you have. But you cannot add anything until you have freed up space on your scroll.


Personally, I prefer to keep the egg limits as they are, but increase the overall limits - or do away with them entirely. I also kind of favor the idea to not count gendered hatchlings towards the limits.

Regarding the kind of increase, I'd like to see a fixed increase for everyone, as that seems the fairest way to do it. Ideally, I'd like to see this happen during the breeding week plus one week after.

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