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Need some input for my lineage project

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Okay, the whole thing started ages ago, when the Golden Wyverns were released. I totally love them, along with the White dragons, and I decided to create a lineage to duplicate that of Man o' War, arguably the greatest racehorse of all time.


That said, I've made a great start with the sire line, using GWs and Whites, with all male GWs and all female Whites.


However, I feel like Horse dragons should be included somehow.  I thought about introducing them into the dam's side of the lineage, using Horses and Whites to ultimately produce the female White.  


I feel like this could get pretty messy, as there are bound to be existing GWs that have to be included in the dam's lineage as well...  Or I could sort of duplicate naming with the Horse dragons?  I don't know. 


That is why I need input.  Please give me your opinions.  Here's a link to the existing lineage: https://dragcave.net/group/104732 and here's a link to Man o' War with clickable lineage: https://www.horseracingnation.com/horse/Man_O_War



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I like it just as it is!  (Fun fact: I actually found an offspring of Byerly Turk in the AP a few weeks ago, and was delighted when I realized both the parents had horsey names.)  :) 


My suggestion is to stick with your first plan; I think the two breeds you chose look great together, and trying to juggle three breeds could make it harder to get what you want - Horse dragons seem to be very common, which means you might run into problems getting anything but Horse offspring. 


If you want to incorporate some 'horses,' maybe later you could do another racer (Citation? Seabiscuit?  Whirlaway?  Winx?) with Horsedragons + Waterhorses, and then breed the two lineages together?   :)

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