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Confused Cat

Aranoa Dragon breeding plans

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Beautiful shiny water dragons!



More water!



Oh hey, Marrows, why not!







... More ideas? (Oooh, Nebulas! Fire Gems! Tsunamis! ... Too many ideas!)



4th gen checker lineage templates:



image.png.ebe4e8798d9949eaf3ea76ea7ddd6e1a.png image.png.f849e404d1b269e299d7e684c228e87b.png

image.png.5dfdbd4c150ff3e67570623f237412e3.png image.png.0b1739099848988df67e5982a7193ced.png


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2 minutes ago, dustpuppy said:

Usually not a fan of pink things, but this is amazing!



Oh this one deeply hits me ❤️ They look so fit!

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Like @Confused Cat, my first idea was to breed them with Aqualises, too. But I'm totally stealing the x Marrow pairing, that's just gorgeous!

And, yes, my 2nd thought was "Tercorns"


Personally, I really like lineages where the secondary color of one breed matches the main/primary color of the other - especially if it goes both ways. While the x Marrow pairing isn't a perfect example, it's very nearly so IMHO. A bit of red in the Marrows matches the lots of red in the Aranoas, and the little dark purple in the Aranoas is a nice enough fit for the dark Marrow main color.


Another one, but with a one-way match only:


The next one is a bit too monochrome for my liking, I think:


A little bit better, but maybe too pink:


If only this were possible - I really like the contrast here, plus the similarities in body type and pose.


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Ohh I like the Marrow pairing! I was thinking sapphires or sinii krai dragons might look nice with them...  

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