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ANSWERED:Account doesn't exist anymore?

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For some reason I was logged out of the website and when I wanted to log back in my password was wrong. So I tried to change my password but got the message that they don't know my email adress? I'm confused now because I've used the same email address for my account for over 10 years already.. 

Can someone help me get my account back? I'm worried about my babies.. 


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What's your scroll name? I can check if it still exists. Could it have been burnt while you were away?


Edit: If it's JessicaGhost, your scroll does still exist, meaning it's not been burnt or deleted. Are you positive you got your email address right?

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Yeah that's also why I freaked out because I thought I was hacked. 

But it's been fixed now.. For some reason I made the same stupid typo six times in a row and started to panic 


So this thread can be closed and deleted! 

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Glad to hear that nothing bad happened to your account. :wub:

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