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ANSWERED:Answered, thanks!

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Would creating another account be allowed if I didn't use it for giving eggs to my main?

I cannot use image hosting sites, so my DragCave signature is what I use for images.

The problem is, my signature only has 10 slots, and I need everything in it.

So could I create another account just to use my signature to host images?

Or is that against the rules?



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Each player is allowed one account, it's in the TOS. Also, forum and site accounts are separate, but the rule applies to both. One forum account, one site account.


I would... advise against using the DC forum to host images... there are more efficient ways... if you can't use image hosting sites, maybe deviantart's sta.sh?

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The forum has a built-in notebook in your profile editor. Try using that instead if you really can't access any image or art hosting websites.





There is a limit to how much you can keep so other sites are probably more useful in the long run. Maybe try Google drive?



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