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Hey there!

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My name is Leon, or most know me as Cosmic. I adore dragons with all my heart and I brought my friend into this game from another dying one. I hoped that this would be a fresh new beginning for her since the two were so similar, and she has told me she loves it here.


I made this thread because I realized I hadn’t made one previously. So here I am! I love trades and gifts, and I’m trying to start an interesting lineage with my dragons. A little boost and some help would be greatly appreciated!


I’m really excited to meet you all!

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Just now, Malamunation said:

Thank you! 😄


Hi boo! Glad you’re enjoying things here! There’s a lot of fun to be had.


I'm loving things around here. And the member base here seems very friendly and helpful 😋

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Hi Leon! Welcome to DC!


I noticed you said you are looking for "some help." I had that same thought too when I joined here! Luckily, I found myself a mentor; I have given your friend Ally the link, so here it is for you as well, in case you find it helpful. :) The mentors are awesome. One-on-one help with figuring out DC; pretty nifty!




I also have some links in my signature that might be of use. Have fun! :nyan:

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Thank you very much for the link! I’ll have a look at it for sure! I’ve been around a while, just missed out on the whole forum thing. xD


I was teaching her what I knew as much as I could, but the mentor program will help her out a lot! It will be able to answer questions I have no answer to.

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