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Marcus Pheonix

-Beyond The End-

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It awaits all.

Plant, animal, mineral; anything and everything is eventually lost to the sands of time.

But what happens after death?

Many have wondered. 

A wonderous paradise? A flaming hell? The cycle of rebirth? Or Eternal nothingness?

Stories, Science and Religion have all tackled this question, and all led to different answers.

But what if I told you, that death wasn’t the end?

What if I told you that there was something after?

What if eternal damnation wasn’t so eternal, but merely, an obstacle? A path that only the daring could tread.

The Vikings believed that one should die with a weapon in hand. As you would need it for the next life. And what if they were right?

What happens to those warriors who take their strength with them into the afterlife?

Trial. By. Combat.


You wake up, there is no sky above; but clouds, clouds as dense as a rainforest canopy, swirling overhead; lit by an eternal sunset.
You are at the top of a mountain; you can see far. Plains and jungles of green, barren wastes of sand and stone, churning seas and rolling hills. And towns, dotted around the landscape small beacons of light in the distance.
You see far, but you see no end. This isn’t your home. How do you escape?


This is a multifandom-based RP. Your character, OC or canon, is dead. How they lost their lives and why is up to you. How long they have roamed the Underworld is up to you, are they fresh from a war? Or have they long since given up hope but have grasped at one last straw for a way back?
It’s up to you.

Your characters will team up, to form a band to fight their way through the tournament of the underworld; to reach the end and the way back home, or perhaps to the reward that awaits those after?

The troupe will face a series of battles, against monsters, demons and other trapped souls. Transported between fight locations by the Dulahan; the eternal servants of the One Who Rules.


This is a mixed RP. It is combat focused, and I intend for there to be a lot, where we can all stretch our creative muscles to choreograph some captivating kerfuffle’s. But there is downtime, between fights our characters will travel, stopping at towns and seeing the sights of the underworld on our way to the next location. Bonds could form; romance could bloom, rivalries could build.


  • No godmodding (unless pre-planned
  • No Mary Sues: Perfect at everything, loved by all and no problems
  • You can have up to 2 characters, though that may change depending on the popularity of this
    • Try to make your characters diverse, please limit it to one per fandom per player. ie. two different players could both have a character from the same series but I'd like to avoid saturation and limit characters who know each other prior.
  • The only dice that will be used are attack dice, and everything is considered a success unless chosen otherwise
    • The dice just determine how much of a success it is, eg. a roll of 1 is a basic love-tap a 20 is a flurry of blows with a climactic explosion and badass pose
    • The dice is just to add some flavour, get you thinking about the combat
  • Please try and post at least once a week
  • Romance is fine, but play it natural, these characters are on a journey together. Relationships should develop either way; platonic, romantic or antagonistic
  • Follow the forum rules regarding violence and romance, no in depth descriptions of disembowlments.
  • Any questions, just ask.



Origin: (Fandom or OC: Include wiki links here)
Appearance: (If you don’t have an image, or it’s not covered by it, put it here. E.g. Height)
History: (How did they die?)
Abilities/Weapons: (Do what you want but I will balance stuff if it seems too strong or too weak)
Image: (If you want)



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