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Hey there. 


A looong time ago (probably 2011 if memory serves) I had an account on here but ended up giving up after a week because I was fairly young and struggled with getting enough views on my eggs to keep even one alive. I don't so much as remember what email I used, let alone my account name. Recently, this site caught my interest again. I figured I'd try it out and assumed I'd probably give up with a repeat of all my eggs dying. That doesn't seem to be happening (and now I realize it was probably childhood stupidity that kept causing all my eggs to die last time), so I've decided to try sticking around. A warm greeting to all of you. 

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Hi, @NightshadeWolfe!


Welcome (back) to DC! ^_^ If you find yourself with questions about Dragon Cave and how to raise your dragons,  you can find a mentor at the below link.  (I had a mentor and it was a great help to me.) 



Enjoy your time on DC! :nyan:

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