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Rainbow sort weirdness

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Back in 2017 I made a little project of documenting how my dragons sort with the rainbow option (here's a snapshot :)). Then last month while I was juggling halloween mates, it occurred to me that an updated version of that would be helpful for figuring out nicely-coloured mates for my CBs ^_^. Finally got around to starting it today, and immediately hit some problems :(


  1. Purple floret wyverns sort at the top, instead of with their correct colour. I found a thread about this, but it never seems to have been fixed.
  2. Growing things (eggs and unfrozen hatchlings) don't sort with their colour, I could've sworn they did before but I might be mistaken. Even so, they certainly don't belong halfway down the first page, between Flamingos and Thalassas, I'm sure! XD I would've expected to see them on top if they weren't going to sort.
  3. Most significantly for me, the order seems to have... wiggled a bit since my 2017 spreadsheet, meaning updating it isn't as straightforward as just inserting extra rows :( Reds were once at the top, now they're quite near to the bottom; Wrapping-wings used to be after Graves and are now before; etc...


I searched the news forum but didn't see any mention of the rainbow sort having been updated/adjusted, so I'm not sure what could've caused this 😕

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