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Hello Peeps

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Hello and welcome! What kinds of stories do you like to write? You're taking a break during NaNoWriMo?

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Hello and welcome!


I just started a few days ago myself, although I used to play waaaaay back at the dawn of dragon cave about ten years ago. I’ll give you a few tips I give other new players:)


Some tips:


Depending on how many dragons you own, you are allowed to have a certain number of eggs and growing dragons. Before you reach 50 dragons, you are allowed to have four eggs and up to twelve growing dragons (eggs and hatchlings) total. While you are egg-locked (stuck while you’re at your egg limit) may I suggest haunting the abandon page? If you have some time to spare you can refresh it constantly and try and grab any hatchlings that come up-this way you can maximize your growing dragons limit while your eggs slowly hatch. Grabbing eggs from here is good too, as a beginner, because you can see what they look like and they will usually hatch faster due to their reduced timers. 

I recommend placing your dragons on a hatchery site-these will help you hatch them with minimal fuss. I like using this one: http://dragonbreederscave.com/index.php?ids[]=N0ScZ&ids[]=mzDbX&page=hatcheryII&scroll=Ravenwood007%2B&add=Add+Dragons  


All you do is type the name of your scroll in (your user name) and select which eggs/hatchlings you want to enter. There’s also an ER where you can put those that are under 4 days. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions-I can probably answer most of them:) 


Happy Hatching!

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