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hello all ^^ 


i've seen dragon cave around the internet quite a bit, but only recently joined. it's really fun! the sprites are very cute. i got to participate in the halloween event, and got a couple badges. i'm not the best talker in the world, so i haven't joined the forums until now.


some things about me, i guess, since this is an introductory post:


my name is jules, i like to sketch, draw, and paint, and i like funk, classic rock, and classical music. my favorite dragon so far is the pillow dragon, and i think dragons with interesting codes are cool, even though i don't necessarily have one yet. for some reason, a ton of dragons i had came out female, for some reason, and i think most of them do. (not a bad thing! i just gotta try and find a male one of each, too.)


nice to meet y'all!

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Hello and welcome! Years ago I had a run of female dragons when I was trying to get a male Winter dragon (pink dragons didn't have the BSA Influence back then, so you had to hope your dragons gendered the way you wanted) and ragequit for six months as a result. Influence has made my life so much easier. :wub: My favorite dragons are Guardians, Red Finned Tidals, and Glaucus Drakes.

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