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Maze Runner Crossover RP: The Gladers and the Invaders

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Warning: If you have read/watched the Maze Runner series half way, you should finish it before joining this RP. It contains spoilers and reveals to the series which can be disappointing to someone who doesn't want to see what happens before you finish reading/watching.
Fill in and post this form to join:


Looks(image and/or description): 
Physical strengths(can be put in Abilities instead): 
Physical weaknesses(can be put in Abilities instead):
Personality(include good and bad, nobody's perfect): 
Mystery Character or Glader/Immune/Right Arm?: 


Entering is open at any time in the adventure, and some users may want to join by PM, meaning they message their part to me and I post it here for them. If so, please let me know. :) 


The Gladers have escaped to an island they call the Safe Haven they came there with the Right Arm and the other Immunes after WICKED collapsed. A lot of their friends have died, including Alby, Chuck and Newt.

Canon characters:

You can read here for the books and here for the movies (this RP follows the books)

My non-canon characters:


Username: Swiftphoenix
Name: Swift (Named Marie by WICKED but she hated that)
Gender: Female
Looks(image and/or description): 
Tall and slim, with long brown hair and blue eyes. Usually wears a brown leather jacket with a T-shirt and jeans and sometimes a battered cowboy hat she nabbed off of a Crank. She likes to carry around an old pumpkin she found, which brings inevitable teasing from Thomas, Minho and Newt.
Physical strengths(can be put in Abilities instead): Agile
Physical weaknesses(can be put in Abilities instead):
Personality(include good and bad, nobody's perfect): 

Swift is brave, stubborn, and loyal. She is cocky and playful, and has a very hot temper when angry. Both her loyalty and her temper have led her into fights on behalf of herself and others. Can be suspicious of new people and, like the other Gladers, not trust them easily. 
Mystery Character or Glader/Immune/Right Arm?: Glader
Abilities: She has powers that allow her to change into any animal at will, as well as allowing her to have wings, claws, and/or a tail only. She also had psychometry; when she touches a person or object, she can sense his/her/its history, feelings and thoughts, but she lost that ability after the removal of the Swipe in the Death Cure (book). She was experimented on by WICKED, which altered her to give her the powers that she has. The point of ‘Project X’ was to creat the perfect weapon and/or spy; she has been known to outfight WICKED soldiers, Janson(the Rat Man), and Gally. She has also outrun Minho and the other Runners several times. As a result of WICKED’s experiments, she has her powers, stated above, and enhanced speed, fighting ability, and strength. 


She was in the Maze that held Thomas, Newt, Minho and others. She is technically the first ever girl in the Maze(keep reading). She had clung on to the side of the Box when Thomas came up in it and hid in the supplies until after Teresa arrived, which led to Teresa being considered as the first girl in the Glade. 
Tomboyish and charismatic, she was the ideal choice for the WICKED ‘Project X’. 
Before WICKED took her, Newt and Lizzy/Sonya for their experiments, she lived on a rural farm with horses, cows and sheep. She is now a trusted friend and companion to Thomas and the other Gladers. 
She and Newt shared a pocketwatch with an old photograph of them on it. Swift gave it to Newt before he entered the Maze so that, hopefully, he wouldn't forget, but it failed and he lost his memories. After that, it was a constant source of conversation between both of them until her memories were restored and she remembered its purpose.





Much the same as Swift; he's her kind-of boyfriend;  neither of them know what to call it. he was in the Glade before Thomas.


The Safe Haven. A sunny day, about lunchtime or slightly after. 


Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Brenda, Swift, Alex, Mystery Characters (who will come in later), You and all other Players.


What’s going on:
Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Swift, Alex and the other surviving Gladers are sitting silently at the edge of the cliff, watching the few seagulls that managed to escape the sun flares dipping and twirling in the air. They often do this, remembering the ones they've lost; Teresa, Newt, Alby, Chuck. Swift sighs, breaking the silence, and dives off the edge, spreading her wings and flying through the cloud of seagulls to hide her sadness. You watch her land on a pointed ledge quite a distance away. "That's where she goes to think," says a voice behind you. You turn to see Frypan standing there, watching Swift too, his expression inscrutable. 


What do I do:
Post in red to question him on anything around the Safe Haven and/or introduce yourself. 
Post in blue to keep quiet and let him talk.
Post in orange to go over to Swift and talk to her.

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Hi there :) I'm going to help you through the Approval process for your RP, which will allow you to enter this thread in the Other section. 


Firstly, you're going to need to flesh out a lot more. There needs to be more than just 1-2 paragraphs of content (overall). Fleshing out the setting, the history, and the plot are very necessary for RPs that are looking to go into DC or Other. This is because threads are expected to be of a moderately higher (base) literacy level than the threads found in the Freeform section. I know you expect your RPers to know everything about the Maze Runner series. However, the reality is that some might have read the books a long time ago (and are rusty on the details) while others might not care to read and just want to join the RP because it looks interesting. Because of this, you'll need to lay out important information about the world for people. For some guidelines on what's expected, I recommend reading this thread.


Next, you need to have a set of rules for your RP. What are your expectations? What are the character limitations? Any number of boundaries people will need to know that exist for your thread.


Last, I don't understand--what is intended for the "What do I do" blurb at the end?

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Is it okay if i don't put a lot of the RP future plot (what they do later) because personally i don't like when the plot of the RP is laid out for me to see and it sort of spoils the whole thing can i put it in a spoiler? And can i link to the Maze Runner wiki with the summary of the books?


Whoops i did forget that part, editing now


The What do i do part is for the first replies to the thread; the start of the RP story.

Edited by Swiftphoenix

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You can provide a link, yes, but it can't be used as a substitute for writing the information into your thread--only as a supporting element. For the plot, if you have multiple parts, you are allowed to elaborate on the first portion and hint at further things to come. Writing out the plot allows us to know that you have an intended direction for the thread; it doesn't take away the freedom to add to it or do additional (side-plot) things. 


Another recommendation: filling out the character sheet for your characters. This allows members to read up on who you're writing with as well as have an example sheet to glance at when working on their own.

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Wanted to let you know, you're welcome to ping/post or PM me whenever you're done with your edits. You don't have to get them done within a set timeframe, either. ^^

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Yup I'm just doing editing in another app, will update and let you know when i'm done; writing up a canon character summary now :)

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