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ANSWERED:Roleplay; which forum?

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Hi, I want to start a roleplay based on a book/movie series, where would that go after Unnapproved?

Thanks for any help given.

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ElpuntThing is correct! :) However, a RP approver must approve your RP and then move it. You won't be able to move it yourself. Guidelines are here.


Freeform is for practicing your technique. It's just for fun. You don't have to be perfect. No one needs to approve it.


Unapproved is a place to post your ideas and then people will help you reach perfection! When the idea has blossomed, it might even be approved and moved to Other Role Plays!


Other Role Plays is a place for the by-the-book more serious RPs. Grammar, length, characters, story, backgrounds, and the like are under more scrutiny. You have to be approved to go there.


DC roleplays is pretty cut and dry. It's a place to RP solely about dragcave styled stories. 


Personally, I've partaken in freeform far more than the other role plays. You can have a little more fun. No one is worried about being perfect. You can post one liners, if need be. 

But, if you'd like to have a more serious story-line, other role plays should be where you end up! Hope this helps! 


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