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Precog action text

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Wondering if this should instead be in suggestions, hopefully you can point me there if I'm in the wrong place ^_^


I noticed something incorrect/misleading in the action text for precognition (aeons):


Backstory: I noticed I forgot to influence one of my arcanas, and sure enough the hatchling is gonna be the gender I don't want. No trouble, I'm looking for something pretty easy to find in the AP. But the AP is below 3d now, so I can't influence to get the gender I want, only precog and then toss if it's wrong.


Here's the text for the first one I picked up, though:


"[Dragon] uses the power of time magic to create an illusion of the future, revealing that this egg will be female, though it's future may still be influenced."


But its future can't be influenced, it's too old?



I just thought that was odd.

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Wow, good spot. I think this might be best reported to the Grammar Patrol thread? 

 Have you definitely tried influencing it? If the egg is actually able to be influenced, then it's a glitch, but if it definitely can't be influenced, then yeah it's a typo, report it in that thread and hopefully it should be cleared up.


EDIT: Seemed like someone already did it?

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5 hours ago, DragonLady86 said:

This has been brought up and reported many times, but thus far nothing has come of it.

Weird! I've been around long enough to know what's up, but this is really gonna confuse a new player sooner or later...

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