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Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2019

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Thank you so much Nat and Secret Santa! He'll be very much loved and hopefully can help give back during the gifting period!

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Anyone still need a magi hatchling? Pop a dummy AP egg in, and it's yours :)


It's gone, enjoy!

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Thank you for the Dino!

I didn't have the time to properly say my appreciation as I passed out right after. 


I'll take care of it. 

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Namejewel21

Scroll Name: jewel21

Group Name: Jewel's Secret Santa 2019


1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2G Prize, 2G from spriter's alt

2. 2G Metal, 3G Prize, 3G from Spriter's Alt, 3G Thuwed. Alt Black, Alt Vine

3. 3G metal, Chicken, Dino, Paper, Cheese

4. 2G Avatar, 4G or higher Metal, 4G Prize, 4G from Spriter's Alt. 

5. 2G Hybrid, 2G from Holiday.

6. A nice 3G checkers lineage. Or just surprise me!

7. Surprise me!

Breeding abilities: I have a lot of CB dragons including Holidays, one 2G prize, and some messy dorkins and Thuweds. 

Catching abilities: I can only really catch commons and sometimes the occasional Paper dragon. 

Trading abilities: I've never had much success but I can certainly try. 

Teleport abilities:  I'm good on Magi







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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum NameNullcasting

Scroll Name: Broadwaypizano

Group Name: Null's Secret Santa Group 2019


1. CB Gold, 2G SAltkin, Gamer code, Neglected, 2G Prize (Please no Celestials), 2G Prizekin (Autumn would be cool but im happy with anything),CB Silver

2. CB Copper, 3G Prize, 3G from Spriter's Alt, 3G Thuwed, Alt Black

3. Dino, CB Aeon, Paper

4. CB Red Dorsal, 4g SAlt, 4g Prize

5. 2G BSAs, 2G from Holiday, Weird prizes

6. Lyrical lineages, lineages with fun names and codes,nice checkers, anything you're proud of or like

7. Surprise me!

Breeding abilities: 2G Avatars (if my GoN cooperates), 4G and longer prize/prizekins, 4g gold/goldkin, 2g from some uncommons (blusang, aeon, gold wyvern), and lots of weird lineages. I've also had success producing NDs (once). Can breed a 2g from a halloween dragon with a very inappropriate code.  

Catching abilities: I'm decent at catching. Not great, not terrible. I've caught a few unbreedables and uncommons (no cb metals though.) I can catch new releases. 

Trading abilities: I'm not great at it.

Teleport abilities:  I've got 5 magi and I have no idea if that's a lot or not


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Magi hatchlings, for anyone who need them!





Gone, enjoy!

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/76921-velvet_paw/

Scroll Name:https://dragcave.net/user/Velvet_paw

Group Name: "Velvet_paw's Secret Santa 2019"https://dragcave.net/group/108307


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt (or from CB hybrid), Neglected

2. 3G from Spriter's Alt  2G metal eg 2g silver from mistletoe

3. CB Aeon,CB Xenowyrm (a Chrono or Thalassa would be lovely)

4. 4EG from Spriter's Alt.

5. CB Lunar Herald, CB Striped River CB BSA Pink /Red or 2G from Holiday

6. Something with an even gen lineage. Surprise me

7. Surprise me,

Breeding abilities: I have a CB bronze shimmer & CB(m&f) of most if not all dragons in cave including CB holidays/metals/trios/GON.so I can breed 2g+ Metals&metalkin 2G+ hybrids / avatars 2g+ Prize checkers/stairs /prizekin G

  I collect 2G & 3EG (&4EG) spriter altkin and have a 2g Thuwed so I can gift pretty 3EG+ alt lineages, 3G Thuweds, holiday checkers, prize checkers, 2G-5EG PB BSA dragons  and other pretty lineages,

Catching abilities: I have been good at catching Trios coppers and Lunar heralds in the past, but I never see Aeons/ Metals/Xenos in the cave let alone catch them

Trading abilities: I can try. Trading can be a bit hit and miss

Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magi thank you

Edited by Velvet_paw

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Xasora

Scroll Name: Xasora

Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/108323


1. neglected

2. 3g from Spriter's alt

3. dino

4. cb zyumorph

5. 2g hybrid

6. any stairstep lineage that I can continue

7. CB dragons from any recent release (Rift wyrm, luminox wyvern, lihnseyre, tercorn)

Breeding abilities: I have CB golds, CB silvers, and one CB silver shimmerscale prize.

Catching abilities: I am reasonably good at catching CB commons/uncommons. I have had zero luck in catching CB silvers/golds.

Trading abilities: I can breed my CB prize as trade fodder.

Teleport abilities: No, but I can donate some for the cause if needed.

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I Want to be a Helper!

Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/60757-dustpuppy/

Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/dustpuppy

Breeding abilities: 

Can breed any Hybrid, Holidays/Holidaykin, 3rd and 4th gen Thuweds, PB BSA dragons, low-gen Prizes, PB Coppers, can make Vampires

Catching abilities:

Not good, the rarest thing I can catch is Fire Gems - if I'm lucky

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Just tweaking #5 a bit....


I Want to Change My Wishlist!

 Forum Name: HeatherMarie

Scroll Name: Marie19

Group Name: HeatherMarie's Secret Santa 2019


1. Neglected

2. Alt Undine

3. Dino, any color
4. CB Aqualis
5. Low-gen (5G or under) Aqualis from any Valentine/Halloween/Holiday breed (any type of lineage, doesn't have to be 'pretty')
6. Very-messy-lineaged Aqualis, preferably 20th-gen+
7. Regular Black hatchling, preferably very messy lineage (for freezing)

Breeding abilities: Don't have many nice/special lineages, though I can breed 2g kins from most holidays. I have 1 male and 1 female CB Gold to breed from, and can breed 2g Coppers/Zyumorphs if they cooperate. (No CB Silvers though!)

Catching abilities: No good at catching Golds/Silvers, but can fairly reliably catch Zyus/Xenos/Aeons. Trios are more hit-or-miss, Magmas are easier to catch than Ice or Thunders. Can fairly reliably catch all unbreedables.

Trading abilities: Not really sure about my trading abilities since I usually only trade for commons, but trading unbreedables for other unbreedables seems to be relatively easy for me.

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/27348-twol8sue/

Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/twol8sue

Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/108577


1. cb gold,cb silver,2nd gen prize,2nd gen any from sa alt, any palidrome,any word or name code

2. 2nd gen metal, 3rd gen thuwed, 3rd gen sa checker or stair, 3rd gen metal checker any breed

3. cb copper,cb xeno any,2n gen prizekin,2nd gen metal kin

4. cb zyu,cb red dorsal, 4th gen metal checker, any 4th gen sa, 4th gen thuwed

5. 2nd gen from holiday (any) 3rd to 4th gen black and white checker, cb pinks and cb reds,any 2nd to 4th gen checker from GON's

6. any stairstep,and any checker any breed, clean dorkface lineage

7. cb purples, vine eggs or hatchies, any halloween kin 2nd to 5th gen checker 

Breeding abilities: I have some cb golds,cb silvers,one 2nd gen bronze, some 2nd gen thuweds. 

Catching abilities: can catch most breeds, sometimes once in a blue moon can catch a silver, can catch zyu and xeno

Trading abilities: I can breed my thuwed and 2nd gen prize  if it cooperates

Teleport abilities: lots of magi here. also can donate if needed

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Updated to here! :)

The following were approved and added:





HeatherMarie -  update of list

Santa purplehaze

Edited by Secret Santa

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: purplehaze

Scroll Name: purplehaze

Group Name: purplehaze's Secret Santa 2019


1. CB Gold, Neglected (male or ungendered preferred), 2G Prizekin – Ice from (f) Bronze Shimmer, mate for her or Rainbow Copper from (f) Bronze Shimmer, mate for her

2. 3G from Spriter's alt, especially Christmas

3. CB Z-code (Aeon, Rift Wyrm, any Zyu, any Xeno, Vremya Drake, or Coral Pygmy) or surprise me.

4. 2G Carina or Carina-fail tan Ridgewing, from female tan Ridgewing and male purple Nebula, or surprise me.

5. 2G White from Holly, 2G Winter from Holly, 2G Neotropical from Wrapping Wing

6. Two-breed spiral with any Prize -- the longer the better, any 3G or 4G checker with two-headed dragons, or any other pretty checker (not with Olive, Imperial Fleshcrowne, or Canopy)

7. CB Split

Breeding abilities: I have several 2G Prizes that can breed even gens and several others that only breed stairs, I have a few 2nd gen SAltkins and some 3rd and 4th. I have several 2nd gen Thuweds. I have CBs of every dragon except Prizes. I can breed lots of checker lineages.

Catching abilities: Usually have trouble catching anything rare or uncommon. Mostly just don't have the patience for cave-hunting.

Trading abilities: Trading is a crap-shoot, but I can usually trade for most things except CB metals, 2G Prizes, and neglecteds.

Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magis!

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On 11/1/2019 at 11:54 AM, Secret Santa said:

I Want to be a Replacement Santa!

Forum Name: 49ER

Scroll Name:https://dragcave.net/user/49ER


Breeding abilities: I have all CB Holidays,and several CB Metals, so I can mainly breed 2gs.  I only have a couple very finicky 2g Prizes, so in a time crunch, it is doubtful I could breed 3g

Catching abilities: My catching ability is medium.  If it is a uncommon that is biome-specific, where I would not have to hop biomes to find something, I am reasonably sure I can get it.

Trading abilities: I can probably trade for 3g Prizes, and most things, except 2g prizes, ND's, CB Golds, CB Silvers.




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On 11/1/2019 at 11:54 AM, Secret Santa said:

I Want to be a Helper!

Forum Name: 49ER

Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/49ER


Breeding abilities: I have all CB Holidays,and several CB Metals, so I can mainly breed 2gs.  I only have a couple very finicky 2g Prizes, so in a time crunch, it is doubtful I could breed 3g

Catching abilities: My catching ability is medium.  If it is a uncommon that is biome-specific, where I would not have to hop biomes to find something, I am reasonably sure I can get it.

Trading abilities: I can probably trade for 3g Prizes, and most things, except 2g prizes, ND's, CB Golds, CB Silvers.


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I'm a bit stupid and nobody noticed XD Sinomorphs are neutral and as such cannot produce 2nd gen Avatars ...


I Want to Change My Wishlist!


Forum Name: Ruby Eyes

Scroll Name: Ruby Eyes

Group Name: I put my leetle tree in there to keep an eye on things :D


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt (would love a blue Fire Gem from blue Fire Gem and a female blueish Spriter's alt, or the same with "red" instead of "blue" in all 3 spots :D)

2. CB Spessartine, male 2nd gen Alt Black from Magi father

3. CB Mageia

4. any 2nd gen mate for one of my mateless 2nd gen Pumpkins listed here

5. CB Luminox, male if hatchling; CB Aether, female if hatchling

6. 2nd gen Zyumorph from Sinomorph and GoN either gender combo (unrelated to these, please)

7. CB Kovos, Lihnseyre or Aeria Gloris hatchling

Breeding abilities: Can breed a few Spriter's Alt lines and a purple Thuwed checker; Halloween, Christmas, Valentine lineages; I have a few CB Metals available for breeding, also CB Zyus and Xenos; some pretty checkers involving Zyus (*I* like them, at least!); PB Reds, Vines, Blacks; 4 2nd gen Prizes available for stairs and several longer Prize stairs from older CBs; 1 female HM.

Catching abilities: I'm a patient code catcher. I'm too slow for rares though.

Trading abilities: I'm a lousy trader. I do fulfill IOUs - I just never make any that would involve me catching rares.

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I just realised I might have been a bit too modest with my catching abilities. I'd like to add some details to help you find me the perfect giftee! :) No changes in my own wishes.


I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Forum Name: Varislapsi

Scroll Name: Varislapsi

Group Name: Varislapsi's Secret Santa 2019


Breeding abilities: Any 2nd gens from commons and Halloweens (and other holidays, if a specific pairing isn't required) are possible, including hybrids. I can also breed 2nd gen avatars and at least try for 2nd gen alts. May be able to breed 2nd gen metals (not from specific mates) but I have a very limited amount of CBs. Could work out any 3rd gen checkers of common breeds. I do have some longer stair and spiral prizes but no checker pairs.

Catching abilities: I'm best at catching CB commons but will be glad to hatch them if requested; a bit more uncommon things like florets, gemshards, nebulas and pyralspites are possible, too. Z-codes and maybe all-uppercase or all-lowercase codes are fine (for commons) but I can't reliably find word codes or all-numbers. I can also look for random checker lineages and even occasional 2nd gen prizekins on the abandoned page.

Trading abilities: No changes.

Teleport abilities: No changes.

Edited by Varislapsi

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: 4MyMirage, https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/209506-4mymirage/ 

Scroll Name: 4MyMirage, https://dragcave.net/user/4mymirage 

Group Name: "4MyMirage Secret Santa 2019"  https://dragcave.net/group/108727


1. Neglected, 2G Prize

2. 2G gold from Winter Magi. 2G Alt Black. CB Aeon

3. 2G Prizekin

4. 2G from Holidays (my Snow angels have tri wings)

5. 2G Risensong, Setsong

6. I like pretty checkers :) 

7. Nicely lineaged Aeon

Breeding abilities: Can breed things : 3G Thuwed , holiday lineages (Have cb of each), Metals and other rares (have at least pair of each), pretty checkers, Prizes 3G up

Catching abilities: Can usually catch non metal rares. Sometimes coppers. Never even see Silvers or golds

Trading abilities: Have had luck trading for some linages, rares, low gen prizes.

Teleport abilities: Would you like to be provided with any Magi dragon eggs before the event begins? Have lots, can breed some for others if needed :) 

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: ninish 

Scroll Name: scroll be here

Group Name: Ninish's Secret Santa Group be here


1. a cb cat or gay code (drake/pygmy/two-headed breed welcome!), or a cb gold/2g SAkin if you have an extra laying around xD 

2. cb verdigris/blue copper. 

3. A red, purple or blue dino :3

4. Cb red dorsal egg for a stair i'm making ^-^ (i need it to be male, however i can influence it myself if it's an egg ^-^)

5. Cb purple

6. Any of these will make my day:

-5g pb gold floret for https://dragcave.net/lineage/kpYDM

-6g pb white for https://dragcave.net/lineage/uE8gq

-6g pb pink for https://dragcave.net/lineage/bFlqV

-5g pb red dorsal for this? XDhttps://dragcave.net/lineage/B17wh

-3g carmine from valentine 09 checker for https://dragcave.net/lineage/mN4ut

7. Any purple hatchie (inbred welcome~) or a cb tercornヽ(´▽`)/

Breeding abilities: i can do:

-SAkin lineages from 3rd gen onwards till 7g, with 50% SAkins in base. (Not too color coordinated tho XD just every color thrown everywhere). 

-2g metals, probably. Well i have a lot of purples. 

-i can do 2g from holidays x anything except cb prizes. The only special thing i have a cb of (other than all holidays) is a female upside down mint. 

-3g bronze tinsels if my two 2g guys cooperate. 

-lots of holiday checkers, a few of which include spriters' alts. 

-some pb stuff. 

-alternating seasonal lineages

-1 4g "pb" thuwed. 

Catching abilities: 

-i can catch about anything but metals and unbreedables... I checked the code of the last cb gold i saw before i realised what breed it was XD

-also not good at finding 5 letter word codes (only ever caught one) nor full number codes (never seen one in the caves :'c) 

Trading abilities: 

-i can trade for bred things mostly and cb uncommon rares, but for cb metals/2g SAkin i mainly rely on *that forbidden trade method* xD

Teleport abilities: i never run out of teleports :3

Edited by ninish

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Just wanted to update a few things! :)
I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Forum Name: Taginix

Scroll Name: Taginix

Group Name: Group


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt (Would love any, from Aegis would be awesome!), "Hide" code on a Drake (Can be mixed caps). "Tiger" code (Can be mixed caps)

2. 3G from Spriter's Alt (Prefer checkers, stairs are fine), PB Black Alt

3. Unbreedables

4. 4G from Spriter's Alt (Prefer checkers, stairs are fine)

5. CB BSAs

6. Any PB (No Alts) Black line that doesn't inbreed with (1, 2, 3). Lineages you are proud of! :D 

7. CB Blacks or Aranoas

Breeding abilities: I have 2Gs of both Spriter's Alts (Higher Gens too) and Thuweds, A Female CB Gold and can PB 2G Silvers. Can make 2G Avatars. Have a decent amount of CB Holidays. Can make a couple interesting checkers.

Catching abilities: Generally somewhat consistent with catching Papers and Cheeses, Metals slip past me though. Decent at catching uncommons and commons. Pretty decent at catching word codes :)

Trading abilities: I don't often trade, but I can generally use papers or cheeses to trade with if need be.

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I Want to Sign Up!


Forum Name:Zhiyi1015's forum

Scroll Name:Zhiyi1015's scroll

Group NameZhiyi1015's Secret Santa 2019



1:CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2G Prize

2:CB Chicken, Dino, Aeon

3:CB Paper, Cheese, 4G even gen Prize 

4:CB Silver Lunar Herald

5:Any lineage Pink|Red Dragon

6:The longest PB even gen dragon you have 

7:CB Stripped River Dragon, CB Moonstone


Breeding abilities: I can breed some 2G hybrids(no alts/pygmy) or 2G Pyralspites. Can try short lineage xeno or zyus or 2G avatars. 


Catching abilities: Gemshard, Firegem, Nebula, Bolts, Pink might be possible but no promise. 


Trading abilities: I can trade for some trios, xeno, zyus or other uncommons but not cb gold /prizekin /thuwed /cb silver /neglected etc. 


Teleport abilities: I have only 3 Magi so I think I need one or two more, thanks. 

Edited by Zhiyi1015

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Dewilheart

Scroll Name: Dewilheart 

Group Name: Dewilheart's Secret Santa 2019


1. CB Gold, CB Silver, ND, 2G from Spriter's alt, 2G Prize, 2G Prizekin (Skysilk), 2G HMkin (any), any variation of "Dewil", "Duwah" or "Heart" as a code.

2. CB Copper, 2G Metal, 3G Prize, 3G from Spriter's alt, 3G Thuwed, 3G Alt Vine.

3. CB Trio, CB Blusang, CB Xenowyrm, 3G Metal, CB Aeon, Chicken, Cheese, 2G Prizekin (any).

4. CB Zyumorph, CB Tan Ridge, 2G Avatar, 4G from Spriter's alt.

5. CB Pink, CB Purple, 2G Dusk Pygmy, 2G Carina.

6. Any Skysilk checker, a heart lineage, rainbow/gradient lineage, a project you're proud of.

7. CB Skysilk, CB Glowback, CB Coral, CB Frostbite, bred Pink, bred Purple.

Breeding abilities: I'm able to breed a 2G Prize(kin), some 3G SAltkins, few 3G Prizes, numerous 4G SAltkins, one 3G Thuwed (unless I do a stair), a few 2G/3G metals, lots of BSA dragons to breed.

Catching abilities: I'm better at catching Xenos and Zyus than metals, 50/50 when it comes to Trios as I haven't been hunting as much for the past year.

Trading abilities: I should be able to trade for some goodies, depends on if my prize cooperates or not.

Teleport abilities: I'm good with teleports.

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