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Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2019

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3 hours ago, charmers said:

2nd gen metals needed



Silvers from


Male Stripe

Check your PMs!

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Looking for gifts for my giftee!

- 2G Saltkin

- CB Metal (Even coppers!)

- Neglected 🤣


PM me! I can offer CB hatchis in return! ❤️

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4 hours ago, charmers said:

2nd gen metals needed

Golds from

Male White Zyu

Check your inbox :)

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All gone now

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Have a 3rd gen Saltkin 😃


I'm also still looking for a cb gold for my giftee if anyone can help.

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(2) "Purebred" 3EG Soulpeace Hatchlings, One Male, One Female (so can be bred together and/or gifted as a set), Please leave any junk egg so I know you will regift it to giftee or keep for self, just needs to find a good home Thanks! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


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3 hours ago, purplehaze said:

Anyone need a 4G Thuwed for their giftee, or themself?

This one is pure Thuwed -- all dragons in the base are verified Thuweds. :)

On a two-way so I know it goes to someone from this thread. Just offer a dummy!

😮 gasp! Me! Me! Oh me I want iiiit xD not for my giftee but for me haha

Eeeee thankyou Santa purplehaze!! *Hugs it tight*


Ps: since noone is seeing it on the previous page-

Still have a CB magma if anyone needs it! Can give it to your giftee or use it to trade for a different gift :)


Possibly available:

CB pink zyu, since person who requested hasn't accepted it in almost 48hrs. PM if interested, will give out later if still available


On cooldown:

CB Psuedo name code lzzyj, lower case L

CB Name code Cughb - @Toyo

CB black zyu

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On 1/10/2020 at 6:00 PM, Drakelina said:

If anyone has a CB Rift Wyrm, PM me! Would be a big help. 

I just got the CB Rift Wyrm. Thank you everyone for your help! 

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I got the dragon

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16 hours ago, ComatosedRoses said:

Anyone need bred BSA Dragons for their Giftee?

PB2G Red: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

PB2G Pink: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

PB2G Purple: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

PB2G Magi: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

PB2G Aeon: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


bumping to new page. Will be sending these to the AP in 6 hrs if not taken!

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I’m currently looking for a CB green copper egg for my giftee. If anyone has one and is willing to trade, I can offer two CB white zyus for it :) 

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3g Prizekin (Ice x SS female).

Offer a random egg in 5 minutes and I’ll accept right away. If not, I’ll accept when I wake up in 7 hours.


For anyone’s giftee or for yourself:



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2 hours ago, Silvynx said:

Some 3G SAkin, feel free to keep or gift, but please only take one! First is an EG and the rest are stairs.


Spotted Greenwing from black stripe Mutamores

Black from Blue Arcana

Fever from orange Starsinger

Royal Blue from blue Arcana

Thank you, I took the first one. Couldn’t resist keeping it.

Giving these:

CB Green Gemshard

CB Green Gemshard

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