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2019-10-25 - Halloween Event

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*shakes fist at lag*


*fist waves very very slowly*


. . .

In other news, I've tried to revive 3 dragons.  Of them, 2 disintegrated and 1 became a zombie.  Good thing I'm not yet done.  Sad thing is, these are better odds than last year.

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20 minutes ago, MysticMusician said:

Been a few hours now and still no treats after 49? Cleared cache and still nothing



  There are actually 58 treats. So you have 9 more to go to complete it.


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Well, I decided that surviving until Halloween means I won, so after their long and faithful service my Magmas, Whites and Purples got an honorable discharge.



I wanted to start over with something more colorful and with no dragon feeling unappreciated or unwanted, so I ended up with this:


We'll see how it goes :lol:

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